Friday, September 15, 2006

Tribute to a great woman ("aunt" Helen).

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No. 1 left today on a flight to Colorado to visit her dad's "Aunt" Helen. I think she's 92 years old now (Aunt Helen...not No. 1), but nobody thinks of her as "Aunt". She's the only mom he's had since his died when he was 19. Th3ungin is there, as well, but he's informed me that if I post another picture of him on the internet... he'll... Anyway, Helen is/was a great woman. I say this from the standpoint of having spent almost 20 years as her "daughter-in-law". Who has anything good to say about mothers-in-law? [again...this is the only mother "figure" in the picture, and she stepped up to the plate] Mothers-in-law are as reviled in popular culture as stepmoms, but with fewer songs made about them. Helen lived her life one step above the grade. I haven't had the opportunity to see her in recent years, but I've sent my kids to her with the same message of, "you're a great woman", to which she's replied, "What did *I* do that was special?" #*$^ What did you do that was NOT? We're not gonna have Helen much longer (just looking at longevity statistics), so I want to dedicate this thread to Helen and all the other Helens out there who make our lives special without them even noticing.