Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Summer is here already, and I'm not ready.

I started some tomatoes and peppers in February, but I recently killed them accidentally and really should have started them in December or January because they should be in the ground by now.  It's steadily been in the70s and 80s around here and I don't think it's going back to winter temps this year.  I've started some new seeds, but they'll probably be ready for the REALLY hot part of summer which looks like it could come this year starting in May. 

So, Astrid and I started the day after Em borrowed a lawn mower to make some sense of the backyard.  We really need to buy a lawnmower, but that's supposed to be Em's area and I don't want to nag.  I pulled up all the stuff I bought and laid down last summer to keep the grasses out of the garden beds and dileanate a border before Em mowed.  All it did was get caught in the mower and the grasses grew right into it.  We don't have "weird trash collection", so I'm not sure yet what to do with it.  We also don't have a truck to drive it to the dump and Em doesn't sound willing to spend any money this year hiring someone to help with this kindof stuff. 

The peas Astrid planted in the raised bed last fall have started fruiting and a few were even bulging enough for her to try fresh peas.

Of course, her sand and water table were exposed to winter's dirt and bird poop, so washing was in order after an initial appraisal. 

After all this, it was time for a bath and some inside activities. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I've stopped washing my hair.

It started out with the dandruff problem that kept recurring and how I was so annoyed that I'd wash my hair with the dandruff shampoo and almost immediately my scalp would start to itch.  Following that, I read that to have healthy hair you should just stop doing things to it.  Then, I got tired of feeling guilty if I didn't wash my hair often enough and thought about how Europeans don't feel guilty when they don't shower as much as Americans, so why should I always be worried about stupid stuff like this?  THEN, I noticed how NOT washing my hair seemed to stop the itching.  I still worried about whether it would stink like dirty hair, though, but I asked Em to sniff my hair and he said it didn't smell like anything. 

So, I'm gonna see how long this will last.  It's not as though I have oily hair (Mine is dry), so my concern was really about whether it would stink, and I think that took me back to the days when I smoked.  Since I don't smoke anymore and haven't for about 8 years now, what might cause my hair
to stink?  I don't go to bars or other smoke-filled rooms (as though there are even bars where smoking is allowed these days).

My maternal grandmother had hair even longer than mine and she rarely washed it ... perhaps once/year.  I like having long hair, but I don't like washing it and I don't like having an itchy scalp.  Seems to me my grandmother had a solution to the problem. 

I'll keep you informed of any progress.