Tuesday, August 19, 2008


First day since May that we've been able to open the front door and windows in the afternoon to get a cross-breeze. It's still 84 inside, but with a tiny breeze from the outside and overhead fans it's tolerable even with the high humidity.

We've had RAIN this week! That's something else we haven't much of since maybe May and my head's abuzz with thoughts of what I should do outside now that I can finally play in the dirt. I need another sweet-potato circle, so I'll get that done, but I'm thinking the other things will be transplanting the fruit bushes we planted on the sides of the house last year, moving them to the back. They've not done well at all in their current location, so a transplant is a last-ditch effort at trying to get something from all the money I paid for them last fall.

We only have a few days to get this done before I leave for Illinois on Friday. By the time I return the ground will be rock-solid again, I imagine.

We have a political meeting to attend today, so we're gonna start on the transplanting tomorrow and hopefully finish it all by end of Thursday. We'll also hack at the borders of the rectangular bed, as grasses have started to encroach on that this summer. Not sure if I'll put the top layer of wet newspaper on it yet or wait. Think I'll wait.