Friday, May 19, 2006

Open Thread!!! We're gettin' ready to leave on a road-trip; what's happening in YOUR life?

Today's a trip to the bank to get money as well as a little shopping spree. We're both gonna get walking shoes and a few pair of socks to wear inside them. I'm gonna get new cheap sunglasses and some kind of hat. Might even pick up a pair of summer pjs because we'll be staying in a dormitory in San Francisco. We're gonna start with 3 days in Las Vegas, then do 1 day in Reno, 4 days in San Francisco, spending most of the rest of our two-week trip on the road or quick visits with family. Anyway, taking someone's recommendation, I'd like to try a Basque restaurant when we get to Reno, but we could spend up to $50 on dinner for just the two of us there and we can't afford to do that every day. Spent (wasted) a lot of time yesterday afternoon researching cheap places to eat on the strip in Las Vegas, and it looks like we'll end up doing what we always do...get the cheap breakfast across the street from the Stratosphere and the cheap dinner at the same place. If I remember, I'll watch Rachel Ray do her Las Vegas on $40/day tonight at 11pm to see if she has better ideas. If we go downtown we'll have better options, but the days of cheap eats on the strip are pretty much gone. Showed #1 and a neighbor how to pick from the garden. It's getting way too hot already, though, so #1's gonna need to water every other day and pick the days she doesn't water. She can either deal with the heat when she does it or deal with the mosquitoes in the cool of the day. I've NEVER seen this many mosquitoes around here. So, what's up with y'all? Looks like you're gettin' all excited about camping in Arkansas this fall, Diane. You got school this summer, #2? Whatcha takin' this quarter, #3? Silly-O? Jen? There-ya-go? Whatchup with y'all these days?

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Here's a test for you. Which one of the following is #2?

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Apparently, they did a little "on the street" survey in the town in which #2 works and chose these people to represent that town. That seems to be how these "on the street" surveys work, right? Give up yet? Want the answer?

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Happy Birthday Mom!

See happy birthday michael post for pomp and lyrics...