Friday, May 19, 2006

Open Thread!!! We're gettin' ready to leave on a road-trip; what's happening in YOUR life?

Today's a trip to the bank to get money as well as a little shopping spree. We're both gonna get walking shoes and a few pair of socks to wear inside them. I'm gonna get new cheap sunglasses and some kind of hat. Might even pick up a pair of summer pjs because we'll be staying in a dormitory in San Francisco. We're gonna start with 3 days in Las Vegas, then do 1 day in Reno, 4 days in San Francisco, spending most of the rest of our two-week trip on the road or quick visits with family. Anyway, taking someone's recommendation, I'd like to try a Basque restaurant when we get to Reno, but we could spend up to $50 on dinner for just the two of us there and we can't afford to do that every day. Spent (wasted) a lot of time yesterday afternoon researching cheap places to eat on the strip in Las Vegas, and it looks like we'll end up doing what we always do...get the cheap breakfast across the street from the Stratosphere and the cheap dinner at the same place. If I remember, I'll watch Rachel Ray do her Las Vegas on $40/day tonight at 11pm to see if she has better ideas. If we go downtown we'll have better options, but the days of cheap eats on the strip are pretty much gone. Showed #1 and a neighbor how to pick from the garden. It's getting way too hot already, though, so #1's gonna need to water every other day and pick the days she doesn't water. She can either deal with the heat when she does it or deal with the mosquitoes in the cool of the day. I've NEVER seen this many mosquitoes around here. So, what's up with y'all? Looks like you're gettin' all excited about camping in Arkansas this fall, Diane. You got school this summer, #2? Whatcha takin' this quarter, #3? Silly-O? Jen? There-ya-go? Whatchup with y'all these days?


Diane said...

Spring cleaning. Long, long overdue. Mom and a bro are coming tomorrow and, while they wouldn't care what state the house is in, I'm using it as motivation. It's been neglected for far too long while I played outside all spring. And, yes, I'm sitting here trying to procastinate cleaning a particularly nasty corner of the kitchen floor.

Need any spider webs? I'll sell ya some CHEAP.

Oldnovice said...

Shopping's a whole lot more fun than cleaning. Didn't get shoes nor socks; decided that I couldn't wear shoes's been too long since I've tried. Em said that he didn't really need new ones, but was gonna get some when I got some. Oh well.

Got a cute hat, new shades and a pair of PJs and then we stopped to eat at Spaghetti Warehouse because I had a coupon for two lasagnas for the price of 1. [We'll be eating lasagna now the whole weekend.]

Researched a whole lot more places to eat in LV, Reno, and SF, and reserved a place to stay in Albuquerque our first night out. Got some pretty good maps printed of the LV strip so I can relate the eating places to locations, also got all the phone numbers of places we'll be and phone numbers of neighbors just in case for #1.

Tomorrow is laundry and finishing up the online research. I'll wait to fertilize the garden until Sunday.

We should be off to a good start Monday morning. Two thick travel books will go with us and I'll use them to round out what I've found online. Still can't decide if I'm excited or afraid; the sensations feel similar to me.

No. 2 pointed out the brown recluse spiders to Em before the MTF event, so we at least don't have them staring at unsuspecting people anymore. The ones who weave the webs catch and eat annoying bugs, so we tend to keep them around. 'course the exterminator told us that we had so many spiders that they were eating each other. [That's a pretty cool thought, too, though, I think.]

Seven Trees said...

Road trip!!

Some people have all the fun 8- )
Our road trips are all to the hardware store lately. Our neighbors are heading off to do some gambling in a town called Jackpot, on the ID/NV border. Meanwhile, we'll be lucky to make it to mt. Baker 25 miles away for a day hike....

Gotta love summer, though, beers a-plenty, no matter if it's work or play!

No. 2 said...

You've always had a fascination for the natural life, Mom. Not many people can say their Mom sat and watched a spider for awhile. But that's what makes you you.

I WISH I could be going to Vegas with you. Oh, how I do miss the warmth. It's been nicer here during the days but still pretty cold at night.

Not much going on in my life. Work school, sleep. Work, school, sleep. I did make a fabulous cake today for our hostess. Her birthday was on Thursday, so I baked a two-layer, half chocolate, half vanilla, strawberry filled decorated cake. I didn't know I had it in me! It was a little lopsided, but I do think I impressed everyone at work. And the girl LOVED it. That, plus some jello shots and a tiara, and it was one fun night. She told me it was the best thing anyone had ever done for her birthday. Feels good to do something nice for someone else. :) (sigh)

Have fun Mommy!!!

sileo011 said...

On my front there really isn't much going on I am just helping my sister move and working. I have been reading a lot. I just finished the Celestine Prophecy. Has any one read? How about the Tenth Insight? That is next on my list.

No. 2 said...

I'm still trying to get ahold of Angels & Demons. But if you have either of those and you recommend them, I'll be happy to try reading them.

I'm assuming I'll be seeing quite a bit of you this weekend at the house. I might stay there a night or 2 while the parental figures are out of town. :)

thereyago said...

Just had oldest turn 20 and youngest turn 18. 2 years college in for my #1 and my #2 graduating High School in 2 weeks. Will be quiet around here in a few months with both away at school. Had some not to good excitement a month ago with #2 breaking his jaw screwing around with his friend and car. Had jaw wired shut for 3 weeks eating liquids only. Just starting to eat regular but soft food. He still went to the Prom and Great America with jaw wired. Not sure I can take any more of this kind of excitement. My #1 just got job on campus caring for lab animals. Good opportunity for him in his pre-Vet major.

Oldnovice said...

LOL. WOW! Your kids are weirder than MINE!

Had some not to good excitement a month ago with #2 breaking his jaw screwing around with his friend and car. Had jaw wired shut for 3 weeks eating liquids only. Just starting to eat regular but soft food. He still went to the Prom and Great America with jaw wired.

Heh. If his date didn't care, why should HE?

Seems that there was a "situation" Friday night here wherein the power went off taking the alarms with it. Mike thought he had to protect #1 and felt the stress of that whole thought. Reminded me of the time where we'd tried filling a waterbed from the faucet used for the laundry in our first apartment here in Texas. The water got so damn hot that we couldn't turn it off. Em started running in circles or something and I called the fire department who fixed everything. No man/woman is an island unto ourselves. We have strengths and weaknesses.

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