Saturday, July 08, 2006

Who Knew traveling is addictive? *I* didn't.

Maybe it's not so much traveling but the experiences while traveling. Makes more sense. Tuesday, we're going to Louisiana for a little fun and Aug 14 we're landing in Chicago for a full week of catching up site-wise (It's been years since we've been there) and people-wise (We have more people in Chicago who are near/dear to us than we have in Texas and it's been years since we've been there). I sure hope we haven't waited so long as to require us to wear name-tags. This is SO exciting!


No. 2 said...

yay!!! Mommy's coming! Mommy's coming!!! (Insert happy dance)


Oh, and my computer's broken, so it will be awhile before I get back here! Sorry!

Oldnovice said...

Wait until you see the whites of my eyes before you get excited, child. We're not having a "meeting of the minds" here on the PLAN.

Em wants to spend the entire 8 days at Paul's place and *I* want to split everything into manageable chunks of tolerance throughout the Chicago area. Em wants to rent a car and I want to take public transportation.

Might work if Em does what he wants to do and I do what I want to do, but if we don't get that ironed out this week, #1's gonna get my ticket, use it to visit with her father and siblings and I'll meet up with y'all at some later date. Just warning ya; know your PC's on the fritz and all so I'm blowin' in the wind but this change could affect the plans of several people.

Oldnovice said...

I'm goin' and workin' on the agenda. It's difficult. Looks like #2 is gonna pick us up from the airport, drop Em off at his kid's place and take me home with her on Monday. She likes to do the "show and tell" with me for some reason.

I want to be downtown Tuesday morning early enough to catch a rock concert in the park at 10am. Here's where things begin to get "sticky". #2 likes to drive everywhere and I (as said previously) like to take public transportation. Driving into Chicago requires costly parking fees and more tension than I'm willing to put forth.

The planning starts HERE.

Oldnovice said...

I've been keeping track of hostel bookings since we started thinking about this trip, and their online booking agency showed "full" for Tuesday Aug 15th already. I figured I could get a room by calling the hostel directly for that day, and I could, so I booked Tuesday through Saturday today. Staying with #2 is fine for Monday, but she needs to work, too, and I don't want to sit stranded somewhere with no good public transportation while she works.

#3 and even Silly-O never showed any interest. Can I take back that whole birthing experience? SHEESH!

sileo011 said...

It isn't that we show no interest I really liked the email you sent me about the Chicago Carifete 2006 but I think Tor and I decided we didn't want to crash in Chicago. We live close enough that we can head home afterwards. It will be really nice to meet you after talking (but mostly reading) so much about you.

No. 2 said...

Are you still planning on me staying with you one day at the hostel?

Oldnovice said...

Are you still planning on me staying with you one day at the hostel?

I'm moving ever so slowly into the PLANNING phase (except I think we've already got Monday planned, right?) after throwing some options on the table. For instance, you've already told me that you want to spend as much time as possible with me while I'm there and how your days off are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

I've already reserved MY stay at the hostel for Tuesday through Saturday, you don't have money to burn, and Em might need a car for a few days if for nothing else than to drive to see the wife of one of his oldest friends who died this past week. I'll Email you my thoughts on this, but it involves him paying for your stay at the hostel for 3 nights in return for you lending him your car for 3 days. It's an OPTION, but some options are only good as long as there are still seats on airplanes and beds at hostels. I'll Email you about that today.

Silly-O...I'll be staying at #2's on Monday night; maybe we can meet there.