Thursday, October 05, 2006

Warm watermelon, new digs, more trip news, and OPEN are y'all doin'?

Picked the first watermelon from my garden this past week. Cut it open and gave both Em and No. 1 a taste. No. 1 said, "It's WARM!" Gave Em a taste, mentioning how No. 1 said, "It's WARM!" He said, "It's WARM!" I said, "Does that seem unnatural to you?" He said, "Yes." So, we have a watermelon grown in Texas that's been sitting for months in a garden through a drought, picked during maybe the heat of the day, REALLY tasty, but it needs to be chilled before it's honored. I don't even know what to say about that. No. 2 moved into new digs this past week. Her dad took pictures of the apartment and surrounding area. Here are the pics I felt comfortable to post on the internet: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting I thought you'd like that second one, Diane, because hot water heaters and gas shutoff valves are in your immediate future, as well. Em (and his grandson) left this evening for Chicago. They went to attend a football game... Notre Dame, I think. They'll be back Monday and we leave Tuesday early for Albuquerque and the Balloon Fest. I'm the proud owner of a new LCD monitor now, so I can actually see photos again. I also bought a storage card for my digital camera so I can take more than 20 pics in Albuquerque. Bought the spices (finally) and even got new printer cartridges for the PC. It's looking like it may be to my advantage financially to go with a broadband server over the dialup which sucks majorly. I'm gonna wait until we return from Albuquerque to make a decision on that, but between the dedicated phone line and the dial-up cost, it MIGHT be cheaper. Just don't know if it'll be as reliable (as well as about 100 other questions I have about it). I'm feeling REALLY extravagant having purchased a bit more than I can afford in one month without cutting back on the grocery bill. Tell me how you do it, No. 2! Got "Handmaid's Tale" from the library today. It's a dead-tree book that I've heard about for a while now and it trumped the stuff Silly-O mentioned. I'm ALSO now into Sudoku puzzles. [Why DO I torture myself?]


Oldnovice said...

Em's still not home from Chicago yet (His daughter is picking them both up at the airport this morning), and I think I'm just about ready for the trip tomorrow to the Balloon Fest. I have the instructions printed out on how to get to the motel, the instructions on how to get from the motel to the park, the place to meet CousinJim, the tickets for general admission for Wednesday and Thursday, the weather report, the list of things to bring, etc.

The rest is clothes, travel food, water, etc. Can't forget the gloves, of course. I have that written down in BIG letters. Layer the clothing...check. Em'll need to get a patch there for his patch collection. Camera...check! He should even get a pin for his pin collection. Keychain camera...check!

Tonight'll be an easy dinner of (probably) something like breakfast fare 'cause we don't want leftovers that No. 1 might not eat before we return.

See y'all end of week.

Diane said...

Wow, guess I forgot to check in here for a few days. There needs to be some sort of notifier of new posts thingy I can sign up for. Or maybe there is and I just don't know about it.


Warm watermelon, fresh from the garden! Yum! Nothing better than that! Cold watermelon's good, too, of course, but I still prefer produce so fresh that it's still sun-warmed.

Nice water heater. Color me jealous since it's actually hooked up.

No. 2 said...

So, the place is pretty much put together now. It's really cute, and I LOVE living with Jenny. It's like a slumber party with your best friend every night. We're both pretty excited to come home every day and then never want to leave. We realized we still had a lot of fun together even before we had the TV. Imagine two girls sitting on the front room floor, one with a witch hat on, and the other one blowing bubbles and trying to get them to pop on the top of the witch hat. In the middle of all this, the cats were trying to figure out what the bubbles were and were trying to pop them. It was a fabulous evening! We spent another hour or so watching this fiber optic laser wand that I had bought for Jenny when I was in Vegas, and just found it when we moved here. That kept us entertained for another hour or so. It was very fascinating. Silly-O can account for that as she was here and saw it.

Other than that, it's pretty nice to be able to decorate a place that's fun instead of practical. Also, I'm able to buy stuff that's pink since I live with another girl. Most of my prior residences were usually with the opposite sex and it made for very bland decorating.

That's about my update. Hopefully I can get some more pics for you guys to see that aren't just walls and heaters.