Wednesday, November 15, 2006's been WEEKS since a new thread. Busy time of year. What are your Thanksgiving Plans? Open thread.

I can't even remember all the things we've done since the Halloween thread. Perhaps the most disappointing thing that DIDN'T get done was the holiday cookie baking. That will need to wait until I get back from Chicago. I'll be spending Thanksgiving week in Illinois with No. 2, Thyungin, and my oldest friends, Bob and Judy. I'd had such high hopes of showing up on doorsteps bearing cookies; where does the time go? I just finished creating a document for Em and No. 1 regarding how to find stuff to eat for a week while I'm gone, along with sample menus. I've known about this trip for a while, so purchased a few more "easy to prepare" items, so it was just to point them to where things are. Kroger sent Em a coupon for a free turkey, so they need to eat some of the frozen "easy to prepare" stuff that I've moved to the kitchen freezer to make room for the stuff they need to move from the garage freezer to free up space for a turkey in the garage freezer. They'll both spend Thanksgiving Day at the homes of family/friends here in Texas. I'll be spending Thanksgiving Day at the apartment of No. 2 (in a very intimate setting). Other than that, how about that election? Wowser! Happy Days Are Here Again in MY camp while those in other camps hyperventilate into paper bags. I'm getting a few tomatoes in the backyard, and just picked several collard leaves. MOST exciting is that the elephant garlic has decided it would like to stay and make nice. You might/or not recall how the elephant garlic had died off and how I'd separated the cloves just in case it decided to grow again. Did I mention how Em was working again at the Race Track? It's a Wednesday thru Saturday gig that'll end December 3. The schedule plays havoc with meal planning because he needs to leave by 4:15 and doesn't get home until late (between 9:30 and 11pm). So, I make breakfast, brunch, early supper and late supper. We're waiting until after the Race Track gig is done to start at the city health club just because it's a drive beyond the Race Track north to get there and our cars aren't running so well lately to take on more than required trips. What else? I dunno. We did major grocery shopping this week just because some sales only happen once/year at this time. I've inventoried it all, but still need to update my price file. That's the file I keep which lets me know whether or not a sale price is actually a sale price (and keeps a history of prices on individual items). Happy Thanksgiving, Y'all! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting I may even call that unidentified uncle of mine who lives in Illinois.


No. 2 said...

Yay! Mommy's coming! Mommy's coming! I think I just had deja vu...

Not too much new in my department. Just got over a nasty flu that's been going around. Thank goodness it didn't happen on the weekend! I could have lost out on a lot of rent $$$!

Still LOVE my new apartment and even more LOVE my roommate. She was so sweet when I was sick. She would even call me on her lunch breaks to see if I was feeling better and if I needed anything. And big thanks to Dad for dropping off my phone when I forgot it at his house and bringing me some Thera flu. HUGS and KISSES!!!

I didn't vote. (Sorry Mom!) I didn't know who anyone was and wasn't paying any attention to the election, so to avoid rooting for the wrong guy, I just didn't do it. Maybe next election I'll have some time to do research, but I don't really think I let the world down by not voting.

Anyways, its 3am and I have to be up at 9am to open the bar again, so off to bed. Glad to have a new post Mama!

Diane said...

Wow! You updated your blog! I'll try to get mine done today/tonight.

So, Thanksgiving weekend, you step outside onto the Illinois porch/stoop of where ever you are and holler to the west and I'll step outside onto the Illinois porch/stoop of where ever I am and holler to the east. Maybe we'll hear each other! :-D We're leaving Thursday night and will be back Sunday night.

Gotta love free turkeys! I got a free one last week. Price Cutter had a buy $100 worth of groceries, get a free turkey thing going on so I did just that. It worked out since they happened to have a bunch of stuff I needed at a decent price.


She Who Needs to Find her Paper Bag

Diane said...

Hey, just got back from the Land of Stinkin'. I'm about to pass out but had to check up on you guys. Heard news story on the radio as we were close to Rockford (so guess that would be Friday) about a fella holding two women hostage somewhere in Chicago. Of course, I automatically thought of you guys. :-D

Oldnovice said...

about a fella holding two women hostage somewhere in Chicago. Of course, I automatically thought of you guys.

THAT would have made an exciting vacation trip! Wasn't us, though.

If you're waiting for me to blog MY Illinois pics before you blog yours, we may have a problem. How about YOU go first this time?

How about that Illinois weather while we were there? I brought gloves, a hat, a warm coat and only really needed them for about 10 minutes. Of course had I left them at home, it would have turned out differently.

Looks like everyone's gonna get some weather today or tomorrow; winter storm warnings around here, too. Must remember to pick my last watermelon before the freeze. Picked a beautiful rose and a rosebud from the front bush this morning to ensure a little period of enjoyment.