Monday, March 12, 2007

Spring is springing; plays are playing.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Attended two Tarrant County College plays over the weekend. Rhinoceros was just as silly as you’d think it would be, played by the cast of TCC NE supplemented by Dr. Tony Medlin, who’s been acting since before most of the cast was born. The role of Jean went to Trent Meyer, who did a fabulous job of transforming from human to rhinoceros on stage. We found this play MUCH more enjoyable than the fare we’d attended at UTA the previous weekend. I would have thought it the most enjoyable play of the season, but … Dames At Sea, a delightful musical performed by the cast of TCC NW, stole my heart. The song/dance/satire moved along so smoothly that I forgot I was watching students; even the scenery was top-notch. My favorite moment, however, was watching Treeva Phillips sing while sitting on the edge of the stage about two feet from me. She’s a cute little thing with a beautiful voice, reminding me of Rowena in Mr. Holland’s Opus. Now that Spring has sprung, spring break trims down our local entertainment options. Is Spring in the air where you live? What are y’all doing for fun?


Diane said...

The flu has hit us again. I spent most of yesterday in bed in a fog. Steve had it last week and the kids are starting to come down with it now. Oh, joy.

Spring has definitely sprung here! Trees have been flowering all over the place. Wildflowers are starting to show off, just the early ones, of course. It just plain smells like spring now, know what I mean?

Did I tell you that we started up a new business? Well, Steve's doing all of the work and I'm just along for the ride. ;-) It's going very well. We're all official and legal now. He's even received his first check for completing stage 1 of the first job. Woot!

Man, my head hurts.

Oldnovice said...

I want to say that we haven't been sick at all this year, but our lifestyle is such that if we sneeze twice we stop all activity to let our bodies heal themselves. I missed going to the gym twice due to the "somethin's tryin' to catch me, but I ain't gonna let it" procedure. Em thought he felt something coming on ONCE, but it went away, too.

Smells like spring here, too. Weather's been high 70s & low 80s, so I've been outside most days for at least 40 minutes sunbathing ... in a swimsuit. :-) We're going to Tunica, Mississippi first week of April and I'm going to spend time in the hotel pool and gym while Em golfs with his son & some old friends. Thought I'd start slowly "breaking in" the body parts that rarely get exposed. Note to self: Don't forget to order the swim cap!

How do you have time for a new business? Is this in place of Steve's regular job, or in addition to Steve's regular job? Let me guess: You're doing the brain work while he does the brawn work. Am I close? :-)

Hope you ALL feel better soon.

Diane said...

Cool that you guys haven't been really sick this year! We're always burning the candle at all kinds of ends the candle didn't even know it had. We get hit with everything. Usually only half of the kids get whatever bug it is but Steve and I usually get every last one. I've started us both on multivitamins recently and am beginning to read up on nutrition more to see what I can tweak for us there. Of course, more hours in the day and sleep would help.

How do you have time for a new business? Is this in place of Steve's regular job, or in addition to Steve's regular job?

He's still working his regular job but he's cut his hours a tiny bit, starting this week. He will be taking off Sunday every other week now AND he's going in one hour later each day. That means he can stay up later each night and play catch up on Sunday. So he's actually working even more than ever now (constantly) but his day job buddies get to see him a tiny bit less. Not that any of the other folks there work those extra hours anyway.

Nellie has started being scared of him because, I assume, she sees him so rarely now.

Let me guess: You're doing the brain work while he does the brawn work. Am I close? :-)

How'd ya guess? LOL I do all of the nagging and he does the actual work. :-D

Oldnovice said...

So he's actually working even more than ever now (constantly) but his day job buddies get to see him a tiny bit less.

He was working constantly BEFORE this new business; at least it looked that way to ME. Who's gonna finish the well house if he's too busy?

No. 1 and I went shopping yesterday ... at Kohl's. She bought me some socks at Kohl's a few years back, they're all worn out, and she wanted to treat me to new ones before the Kohl's sale ended. She bought me a bunch of new socks AND new earrings. My earrings broke about 8 years, I looked for a replacement, didn't find anything I liked and then just gave up on finding anything I'd like until yesterday. So, now I have 4 fewer unplugged holes in my head. Maybe this will stop the memory leaks!

Had a plan to make corned beef for St. Patrick's Day and have had brisket in the garage freezer waiting for the right day. I'd remembered that it takes several days to corn the beef, but I forgot how many days until I found the instructions this morning. Looks like we'll be having corned beef sometime NEXT week, after we return from Louisiana. Takes 5-7 days to corn and I just remembered to take it out of the freezer this morning. :-(

No. 2 said...

Oh wow. I feel behind. Geesh!

Spring had sprung here, but it was only a tease. Tuesday it got up to 73 here!!!!! It was absolutely FABULOUS! Luckily, it was one of my days off, too, so I got to enjoy most of it. I always hated last year when the first nice days broke and I was trapped behind the cage of the bar while my boss and all his friends sat out on the patio enjoying the beautiful weather. But not on TUESDAY! No, sir-ey. *I* was out and about, then came home and opened the windows to get some fresh air in the apartment and to give my cats a little treat of the great outdoor smells. Although, we remembered how much it SUCKS to live right by train tracks. That scared the cats a little at first.

I really feel like the weather does affect my mood more than I thought because since the past few days have been nicer, I've seemed to be a little more chipper. I cleaned part of our house today, and did laundry and cleaned over at the parental figure's house today.

I previously stated that spring HAD sprung in saying that tonight it's now a little cooler back at 36*F instead of the 63*F it was displaying earlier today. And tomorrow predicts only a high of 39*F along with the rest of the coming week. D'oh!

As for the upcoming St. Patty's Day, I will be spending that evening at the bar serving drinks to people that are using the day as yet ANOTHER excuse to get completely drunk. I have a feeling it will be a little out of hand and stressful, and am NOT looking forward to it that much. But on a brighter side, I get to wear green instead of my standard black, and in honor of the holiday, I will have green hair. My boss will roll his eyes at me, and I will laugh because I love the days that I can come to work looking totally rediculous and he just has to deal with it! :P

As for being sick, I get sick all the time because I'm exposed to so many people. Nothing life threatening or anything, though. Mostly just colds. But I think that also comes along with winter in the Chicago area. Kleenex becomes a staple in every household and Mom knows how I love my Puffs Plus with Lotion. I even got the roommate hooked. I could probably do a commercial for them. Although the sound I make when I blow my nose might scare small children.

Well, that's about all the news with me!

Oldnovice said...

Green hair? UUUUHHHHHHHHH? <--Try and draw out that UUUUHHHHHHHH as though it were Tim The Tool Man saying it. When Food Network fails to amuse me while on the treadmill at the gym, I click on "Home Improvement". I'm up to level 4.0 now on the treadmill, No. 2. I can only do it for about a minute, but that's after doing about 25 minutes above 3.4. I fondly remember when 2.0 would feel like it was trying to run me off the thing. :-)

Had my appointment with Nancy this morning for the annual check of my gum pockets + cleaning. I'm thinking that ALL peridontal hygienists are as annoying as Nancy just to keep us flossing and brushing. I wouldn't mind her talking so much if she worked while she talked, but she STOPS while she talks and then laughs after she's done talking. She has a loud, forced laugh, much like the one I complained about when discussing the play at UTA. 50 minutes out of my life that I'll never get back.

You're always a LITTLE behind, No. 2, but not nearly as behind as thyungin, who never even bothers to check out the blog anymore. I'm gonna drop his privileges and find someone else with interest. I'm even thinking of expanding readership to folks beyond the "gang of 5". :-)

You're the designated St. Patrick's Day blogger. I figure you'll make something fancy or take pictures of folks in the bar while we just eat green rice. And, don't even try and tell me you're not looking forward to it that much. You and your green hair will be the hits of the day.

Diane said...

I just discovered Puffs Plus a month ago! Loooooooove them! I think they put some addictive chemical in them because I've been quite happy just using toilet paper all of these years for runny noses. Now? Ha! Never again shall any other than my newly beloved Puffs Plus get within two feet of my face.