Monday, April 02, 2007

Viva la Diva- The roommate's birthday experience.

Yesterday was my roommate's birthday and in recognition of my heterosexual lifemate's date of birthing, I had a few things planned. First was the morning party. After work on Friday night, I came home and decorated the apartment while she was sleeping. I didn't get to blow up as many balloons as I wanted since after working over 40 hours in 3 days at the bar, I was a little tired. The first part of the day was a success. Apparently, she had to pee at about 8am, and awoke to the surprise. She told me in the morning that she wondered why Tony (the boyfriend) jumped up with her (he knew about the surprise) and wanted to know where she was going. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket There was all sorts of fun stuff scattered, also. I got a few of those party toys that we like to play with occasionally, too. And no birthday would be complete without a silly hat and a feather boa. :) Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Next was the birthday breakfast. Tony had said that he would cook for us, and we watched Breakfast at Tiffany's in color while we ate. Immediately following was the trip to the Nail Salon to get mani/pedi's. Now we were starting to run out of time, and I realized that I don't have a nice pair of dress pants that doesn't have bleach stains on them from the bar. We made an emergency stop at Kohl's on the way back home. This made me really think of you Mom and your 3 hours in the thrift store. I myself am NOT a shopper, and I rarely try clothes on in the store. I've gotten to be a pretty good judge on what I like and what I think will fit me and for the most part have success at buying things that fit. Anything that was too small usually just got sent to No. 1. Now that may be a problem. But I still keep stuff for her to dig thru when she does come out this way. I was in and out of Kohl's in less that 15 minutes with 3 tops, a pair of capri's and new shoes. One top was on clearance and casual, two dressy shirts that both matched the capri's and a pair of capri's that turned out to be a tad too big, but luckily came with a cute cloth belt. After that we probably got ready in half an hour with BOTH of us having to shower and we headed to dinner. Dinner was at a Greek restaurant that had belly dancers performing that evening. This was all a surprise for Jenny and we had 12 family/friend members meet us there as part of the surprise. Dinner was great and went off successfully. After that, we headed to the nearest bar/club. That turned out to be a lot of fun. I can't remember the last time I went out dancing with my girls and this was one to be remembered. For some reason when I was wearing the purple feather boa, I felt like I was invincible and auditioning for that show, "So you think you can DANCE." I was a dancing fool like no other and loved it! Come midnight things were starting to get ugly. The boyfriend got extremely drunk and irrational so we decided to relocate. We came back to our town so that we could go to the nearby bar and drink without the worry of driving. We closed down that bar, and things started to get uglier. Another friend's boyfriend decided that he hated everyone, flipped out, and wanted to leave. After a lot of yelling and irrational anger, I decided to try and get my police friend involved to see if HE could calm him down. I walked to the police station (around the corner), but they were CLOSED! Oh no! I walked a couple blocks more to see if he was patroling his usual spot, but he wasn't. (Keep in mind now that I myself have had a couple drinks and left my house with only my keys.) I find a payphone and decide to try calling the police. It was completely unproductive and went something like this: I don't know the number to the police station, so I dial "O". Operator: Hello? No. 2: Hi. Can you please get the (insert town name) Police for me? Operator: Is this an emergency? No. 2: No. (I really couldn't call it an emergency in good conscience since no one was hurt. I was just trying to be preventative.) Operator: Then can you please deposit 35 cents? No. 2: For the police? Operator: Yes. No. 2: But I don't have 35 cents. I just need to speak with the police. Operator: But you must deposit 35 cents in order to be connected. I hung up. That did me no good. I finally go back home and find the irrational boyfriend and his girlfriend had left and my roommate had found my police friend and told him I was out looking for him. We settle the situation. Everything seems to be winding down. We make and eat a pizza. THEN!!! Jen uses the bathroom and the toilet overflows. Water is everywhere. We realize that we don't yet own a plunger. As soon as we get THAT fixed, our FIRE ALARM goes off. Mind you, it is now about 5am and our alarm is connected directly to the firestation since we live above a store. A few minutes later, my cop friend is back outside our apartment. Then the fire marshal shows up. Then a big fire truck shows up and 2 fully dressed firemen have to inspect our whole building. Nothing. They can't figure out what happened. My poor cats already had a big problem with balloons all over the house, and are now hiding under Jenny's bed from the horrible noise our fire alarm makes. We finally get everything settled and get to bed around 5:30-6am. WHAT A NIGHT!!! Jenny was very upset at this point and felt like her birthday was such a burden. I made sure to remind her that everything that went badly happened after midnight and technically was NO LONGER her birthday. I'm just thankful that in the end no one got hurt. And of course today, my boss tells me that I should just stay at work all the time because bad things happen when I take a day off work. :-) Wow. That was a really long story. But what a night! And these are the days of my life...


Diane said...

Holy cow, what a birthday!!! I'm glad everyone's still in one piece. Mostly. LOL

Oldnovice said...

Happy Birthday, JZ! You guys are rapidly approaching that hill that Em and I climbed over sometime ago. We don't remember seeing the hill, but we're over the hill now, so it must have been there (just like MOST of the stuff we don't remember seeing). Anyway, YEAH... what Diane said.

We had a really fun time in Tunica last week. REALLY. FUN. It's a good thing, too, because today starts a whole different life with Em going back to work at the Race Track.

He only works 4 days/week, but the hours are goofy for meal planning, the days are Thursday thru Sunday, and the Track is near the Gym. To avoid the carbon footprints of two trips to that part of town in one day, I'm gonna stop going to the gym and Em's gonna go on his way to work. I've gotten my weight down to where I wanted so, as long as I take a brisk walk once/day for 30 minutes, Spring cleaning should provide a good enough overall workout for me. Keeping up his energy/weight will be a challenge. A healthy breakfast around 9am, pre-work dinner a little before 2pm and post-work dinner around 10pm is what I have in mind right now for today and tomorrow. The schedule changes for the weekend to a good meal before 10am and another closer to a normal supper time. I'm gonna involve him in my walks at least 3 times/week, too, because he doesn't concentrate on aerobics at the gym and his job is just short of sedentary. So, out with the old life, and in with the new one. :-)

Diane said...

Hey, Anita, I'm just catching up on the weather and hearing you got slammed pretty hard down there. Blink once if you got hit in the head with a giant hailstone and twice if you didn't.

Oldnovice said...

Yeah...tornados hit north Texas last night, but not where we live. Remember when I said:

"February's offering is Scotty's Deluxe Diner in Haltom City, TX" ?

We'll check next week when we go to a few early-in-the-week offerings at TCC NE, but I'd be surprised if Scotty's is still functional. Haltom City bore the brunt of the storm.

Hey, No. 2: Bring your walking shoes and swimsuit when you come down next month. There's a new SuperTarget within walking distance that has a Starbucks <--just for you, and we've found a way to get onto the paved trail that wiggles through the woods towards Walgreens. We took it in the opposite direction as far as we could (and then got kindof lost, but don't tell Em I said that). :-)

The pool opens in 2 weeks. It's not very deep, but we could have a little fun there, I think.

Diane said...

Glad to hear you guys didn't personally suffer any beatings. I just caught a few glimpses on the boob tube news & weather about it. We just got rain, rain, and more rain here with a few poundings of (small) hail.

Oldnovice said...

In other news, I bought a new vacuum cleaner this past week. Give it up, everyone, for Herbie!!

Herbie's helping me rid the house of those pesky brown recluse spiders that seem to live all over this place. I put a few mothballs in the vacuum cup so I don't need to worry about them crawling out after I suck them in. He's also helping me dust the blinds, the pictures on the wall, the ceiling cobwebs, the ceiling fans, blah blah.

'course being a cheapskate, I didn't pay 1/3 of the price mentioned on that link. So far, I'm happy with Herbie's performance, but new love is always...NEW. :-)

Oldnovice said...

Well, it looks like I CAN have a garden this year, afterall, so I started some things in the kitchen window. Actually, I started some things in the kitchen window and then heard that I can have a garden this year.

So, I started eight kinds of tomatoes: Eva Purple Ball, Garden Peach, Prue, Uncle Steve's Italian Plum, Red Pear, Homestead, Snow White Cherry, & Black Krim. I'm pretty sure I didn't grow any of these types last year, and if any of you recall last year's tomatoes, I didn't get but 2 tomatoes from something like 18 plants. The drought took pretty much everything last year.

In addition to tomatoes, I started mixed lettuce, arugula, bell peppers (red, orange, & yellow), flat-leafed parsley, spinach, chard, & endive. This just might cover my garden this year until fall. Last year was a a huge disappointment when it came to root vegetables, so I'm not gonna bother with those until fall.

If I get anything out of the window seeding, I'll put them in the ground on the North side of the back yard under the kitchen or bedroom window ledges. These two areas get some shade from the house. I'll still put the Arugula on the south side by the fence, though, as it grew like a weed last year and even offered some volunteers this year (most of which were killed by the weed killer Em put down).

So, we'll see how this goes. It's a nice aside from Spring cleaning. I'm not gonna get new seeds, dirt, etc., but continue to use the stuff Diane sent me last year, as well as the seeds/soil I bought last year. It'll be a zero dollar garden year experiment. It certainly can't flop any worse than it did last year.

Diane said...

Last year was horrible for gardening most everywhere.

Those are some GREAT tomatoes you're growing this year. If this year doesn't suck as bad as last year, you'll be in tomato & pepper heaven at least.