Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pocket Diapers.

No. 1 is expecting a girl in February and I'm finding myself thinking about things I'd not previously thought about ... like diapers.

From an environmentalist point of view, and maybe even a cheapskating point of view, it seems to me that pocket diapers fit the bill.

Drybees offer pockets for purportedly cheaper than some others, but lots of options exist, ranging from fleece to hemp to bamboo.

BumGenius was the first brand I'd read about, and they seem to be the most popular amongst reviewers.

The principle of an attractive outer pant with a disposable inner "pad" was already commonplace in Norway when No. 1 was 14 months old. *I* was caught a little off-guard, though, as I didn't have an outer pant to accommodate the pads my family offered. Simple enough to buy one.

I'm really trying not to influence No. 1 in any of the decisions that come with motherhood, so whatever she decides to do/use will be fine with me. [gulp]


mcgee said...

Diapers make great baby shower gifts. If she decides soon enough, she could score bigtime, lol.

Diane said...

I cloth diapered the four older kids but not the younger two since they were born here where we don't have a septic. But I did love CDing and sewed many of our dipes. I was going through some clothes the other day and ran across several fitted dipes and covers. If she's interested in CDing, I'll ship them off to you. Not pocket dipes but various fitted styles I tinkered with. Don't think they're newborn size but would be for once baby got some fat going on.

Casey said...

How exciting!

Man, I loved the cloth diapers I used with my kids. Mine were Mother_ease from Canada and they lasted through not only my kids but friends' kids as well.

Cloth diapers do cost quite a bit up front; I got a lot of mine from Ebay back before they banned used cloth dipes. There's a board now called Diaper Swappers that does cloth-diaper classifieds--might be a good resource.

And yes, cheapskating. I sold my cloth diapers about a year ago for $200, after getting several years' use out of them.

Oldnovice said...

All great ideas. I sure hope she's reading along.

I don't know how one decides without a real baby on which to experiment, so I'm encouraging a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Pocket dipes took me 25 years into the future from what was available in the late 70s, early 80s in the cloth department.

The baby shower will be in December, McGee, but, IMO, (of course), she's already scoring bigtime as her friends with children empty their attics and garages in a huge dump on her living room floor.

Been reading about the Mother Ease brand. Lots of information available online, right down to "how many diapers do I need?" Thanks for the tip, Casey.

If her kids are anything like mine, Diane, the babies will never get any fat going on. As we've discussed, however, she's NOT me, so it's not just possible, but LIKELY that her babies will be pudgeballs like your Josie. :-)
I'll send her the link here and will let you know, but thanks for the offer either way.