Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Cooking.

I'm FINALLY (TODAY) getting lists made and reviewing recipes I want to use Thursday. We're having dinner at our house this year and I suppose the guest list is about 17.

For Astrid's sake, I ordered a turkey and prime rib from Whole Food that haven't been given any antibiotics or hormones in their lives. I'm hoping to use the leftovers to freeze some turkey and beef for her.

There are SO many considerations. *I* prefer one thing, the kids prefer another, Astrid can't have TOO MANY variations on a theme yet, and that's part of the reason why I always make enough food for 200 people. Each dish may only feed 6 or 8, but I make enough of them to feed more than I'll have.

I have to stop myself (MAYBE) from making a brussel sprout dish that just looked SO appealing and I know my kids love brussel sprouts. We're already having a huge salad, carrots, green beans, broccoli loaf, and a creamed corn dish and sweet potato dish provided by Dave's mom, so I don't NEED another veggie dish, but (then again) I remember one Thanksgiving where Em's brother said, "but I don't like any of those".

Em gets mad at me every time: "You make too much; we'll have leftovers through the next year!" Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Diane said...

Broccoli loaf? What in the world is that?? (I love broccoli!)

We're having 20-something people here for Thanksgiving. I feel your pain.

Oldnovice said...

Broccoli loaf

Made it years ago for some vegetarian friends along with a salad containing radicchio and butter lettuce. Both were wonderful, but I'd had trouble finding the recipe since. I'll make two of the broccoli loaves and one huge salad with additional lettuces added. Fortunately, the radicchio didn't show up in the check-out person's list at Whole Foods today, so we got it free.

Twisted my ankle really good, so everything I do hurts. Thankfully, I'm married to a very nice man.

Anonymous said...

No 1. That man you married is a keeper. He said he was cooking while you napped when I called earlier. Sorry it is more work than help with Astrid lately.

Oldnovice said...

When we learned that I couldn't pull the turkey out far enough to baste it, Em became in charge of the hourly baste. I figured that was a good time to take a nap.

Cooking the turkey the day before introduces a whole bunch more poultry police rules. It's a race. You have two hours from the time the turkey comes out of the oven to get the meat carved and down to 40 degrees. Even allowing a 20 minute "resting time", I made it in 1.5 hrs. Little did I know that turkey carving was a lot like raspberry picking: some goes in the pan, some goes in the mouth. This afternoon I need to bring the turkey back to 165 degrees. Probably do that when I make the dressings (close to the time we eat). The olfactory sensations will get the appetites going.

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