Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hospitality at Davidson's Bar and Eatery.

No. 2 picked us up at the airport yesterday, dropped Em at his son's house, and took me back to where she lives. With all the delays, it got to be Noon and I was hungry (hadn't eaten anything yet all day). Cheapest place for us to eat out would be at Davidson's (because No. 2 gets a discount). We spent most of the afternoon at Davidson's meeting her friends and co-workers. After HOURS of talking, eating, and (of course) beer drinking, we took a little historical tour nearby. It was a great afternoon for a walk. Dinner plans were for (You guessed it)...Davidson's, where family and more friends would gather. Didn't make it much past 10pm, and had a full Davidson's day. Great people, great hospitality...sure made me feel welcome. They also comped almost all our expenses, so here's a BIG smooch for all those wonderful people...from the owners to the beautiful servers. SMOOOCH.......... This morning we're off to drop No. 2's car at Em's son's house to take the Elevated downtown. At least *I*'m shooting for this morning. No. 2 is a slow mover. Gonna get a big breakfast at McDonald's before we go, so we have energy until later in the afternoon. Once there, we'll drop off our bags (too early to check in) and check out any/all of the following activities: farmer's market, art institute, planetarium, Head of Femur concert. Head of Femur is an American rock band based in Chicago. They'll be performing at the Jay Pritzker Pavillion in Millenium Park. After dinner, we'll walk over to Butler Field in Grant Park for the 7th Annual Chicago Outdoor Film Festival. Bedtime will probably come pretty early again after such a long day with so many activities outdoors. This is SO exciting! Looks like she might be close to ready to leave, too!


thereyago said...

Sounds like #2 is taken good care of Mom. Lookin forward to your call as to where to meet on Wednesday for Lunch. If #1 or #3 see this post, please let Mom and #2 know that I am awaiting their call. Assume #2 has cell.

Diane said...

I'm jealous! Sounds like you're having a BLAST! Glad to hear airport security didn't kill ya (or vice versa).

thereyago said...

Anita, Thanks for meeting for Lunch. Had a nice visit with you and #2. You look the same, not that I expected otherwise! And cute little #2 has grown into a beautiful young lady. If #2 ever finds herself unattached, I know a College student, (my son).... Anyway, hope you two have/had a good time sailing and no sea/lake sickness.

Oldnovice said...

We've been so busy that #2 had to have a nap before she loses her bed at 11. Thought I'd check out the library while she's doin' that.

Great to see you, thereyago...even though I set us up for a date at a restaurant that no longer exists. :-) We DID have a great time sailing, and my friends took us out to dinner afterwards at a place with parking up North past Belmont. While driving there, we passed by Jen's Reggae Club, so they dropped us there after dinner. We couldn't stay too long because the music was WAY too loud...to the point of vibrating the floor, and I still didn't have my sea-legs since getting off the boat.

I'm definitely NOT a sailor. I'm one of those people who needs support on all sides (as in walls, floors, etc.) We're doin' it again Sunday, though, with #3 and Silly-O. I hope I don't die from all this.

This morning we bought tons of fruit, fresh bread, cheese, tomatoes and onion at the Farmer's Market. They had a LOT to offer, thereyago, and we were there to get it at 7:30am sharp. We both coulda slept another few hours, but the hot water will be off between 8am and 5pm today so we wanted showers before we got going on the day. Stopped at White Hen for deli meats, mayo and mustard, so we'll be making lunch for today's picnic with enough left over to bring sandwiches on the boat Sunday (I hope). With more bread from across the street here, I think I could even squeeze out lunch for us on Saturday.

Look forward to seeing Robert W. No. 2's friend decided not to come down.

I think we'll probably hit the Art Institute after our lunch in the park. Of course No. 2 wants to experience standing beside me in those fountains, so we'll do that, as well.

What else? Don't know. More tomorrow now that I've figured out how to do this library internet thingee.

Ciao from Chicago!

Oldnovice said...

Said goodbye to No. 2 last night. SNIFF! Will see her again tomorrow morning, though, when she comes down with #3 and Silly-O.

The hostel became overrun with kids yesterday evening, so the main rooms are too busy to be enjoyed. I helped a newbie find the correct elevator last night and came back to find my seat and most every other seat full with kids.

We didn't do much on her last day here. We waited until 2pm in the park for Robert, but never found him. He called about 3pm to say that he looked and looked. So much for looking the same, thereyago. We figure we must have looked right at each other with no recognition. Of course No. 2 enjoyed the game of "Is this him?" randomly pointing to men her age and men of 80 or 90 years.

I paid for us to tour the Art Institute about 3pm yesterday. Didn't want No. 2 to think I was so cheap that I wouldn't pay for even ONE museum. Had I known we'd grow tired of the museum after only an hour and a half, I would have waited for the free evening hours that started about 5pm. Had I looked at the leaflets I had BEFOREHAND, I might even have noticed that I had a "buy one, get second for half off" coupon. But...NO...(&^*(&*!!!

Had to change rooms because No. 2 checked out and she was actually slotted for the bottom bunk. NO WAY I was gonna climb to the top bunk, so I moved to another room for a bottom bed. Almost entire room was Kiwi, 2 OLD (as in WAY, WAY older than me) and 2 YOUNG (as in they came in for the night about one hour before we got up this morning). The sixth roomie is Italian, young, and very friendly. I say WAS Kiwi because the 2 oldsters left this morning on their way to LA.

Still no hot water, and I'm developing a relationship with the maintenance men. Heh. Seems like I run into them everywhere I go. This morning they offered me free orange juice. It was good with my sandwich and a peach. I was actually hoping someone would trade me an egg or two for some slices of ham...maybe even some jam for a few slices of turkey. Maybe tomorrow morning.

Today I'm gonna explore the rest of millenium park and check out some of the State Street Stores like Marshall Fields (Now Maceys), the Prudential Building, blah, blah...just to see how everything's changed. About 12:15 I'll be in Wrigley Square listening to Santour virtuoso Kiu Haghighi and ensemble. The santour is a native Persian instrument, often defined as the box zither of the Middle East.

This'll probably be the last blog entry until I get home. The library closes early on weekends and there won't be time early after the young'ns get here.

Got some photos to blog from No. 2's phone, but I don't have a hard-drive or access to photo blogging software. Sniff again. Will do it next week sometime.

No. 2 said...

(sigh) Was sooo nice having Mommy in for a week. I really had a good time with her this visit. Hopefully I'll be able to come down her way for Thanksgiving!!!


I'll try to give more details on my version of the trip when I have more time. Right now, I have to jump back behind the bar and make some money.