Thursday, July 10, 2008

Honeybees and Squash in DownTown Detroit: The Return of Mother Nature

Today in downtown Detroit, on land reclaimed by the city, local inhabitants are growing grapes, asparagus, currants, and gooseberries. And they’re raising honeybees in an attempt to create the first twenty-first century green sustainable city in America.

How cool is that? Who Knew?

In other coolness, my dental checkup revealed ... ZERO cavities!!!


Diane said...

Nice! And congrats on the cavity-free time!

#3 said...

I've seen some other instances of this, but mostly it is due to guerrilla gardeners.

Sadly, they mostly focus on flowers, but that might be usable, if they combine that with the bees.

I wonder if there has been any effort to put flowers in areas that people don't often frequent (landfills, sewage areas, anything else yucky) so that bees are attracted to less populated areas...

I would like to see more fruit bearing plants growing as landscape plants. What is the point of growing all of these useless trees, when we can be eating off some of them?

Oh, and I think I have a cavity, my front tooth is wicked sensitive.