Monday, October 06, 2008



It got so hot so fast this year that the tomatoes never had a chance to fruit. Spent the whole summer just trying to keep them alive for fall, and we've finally had nights cool enough to set fruit on one.

This week's experiments shouldn't be discussed. Made two loaves of bread (using the in-house oven because I was baking something else outside) and it wasn't until after the bread dough did nothing on first rise that I noticed I hadn't added the sugar and yeast. D'OH! Normally, the yeast is the first ingredient, so my brain on automatic pilot must have assumed it was already in there. So, I beat the yeast/sugar mix into the dough and set it outside to rise again. The loaves didn't do a great rise, and one loaf even burned on the bottom! I've never had that happen before. Scraped off the burnt part and it was a very tasty accompaniment to tuna salad, so good recipe, faulty operator.

Rain today ... another FINALLY! Still haven't gotten the garden plot started, but I'll try to find time for that this week. Just getting around to updating my grocery file ... you know the one ... where you document how much you paid for various foods so you'll know how much food SHOULD cost. I HATE data entry ... I HATE data entry. With the economy tanking, I figure this file is more important now than ever. Bought a few New York strip steaks on sale last week and then sent Em to get more when I realized that the price was the same we paid in 2006. Might not see THAT price for a while.

Movie day today and then tomorrow evening a debate party at the home of someone I've not yet met. Sounds like she wants us to talk about the bill Congress passed recently while we're all together. ????

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