Monday, March 09, 2009

Gardening (and HR 875?)

Spent MOST of the day yesterday working in the back yard. I really had a good time laying wet newspaper as a weed barrier along the fencelines, hauling bricks to ensure the newspaper stays in place, and then very slowly and carefully watering the fruit bushes, strawberries, and other things we planted last week.

Too windy today to plant seeds (my next step), so I cleaned up the back yard, set out two new water buckets (might get some rain this week), tended to the bushes planted last year, did a little laundry, ordered some shower-head shut-off valves and basically tended to other activities.

Meanwhile, No. 3 read this about HR 875.

I think many of us appreciate more oversite after salmonella in spinach or maybe tomatoes and salmonella in peanut products, but something doesn't sound right in this legislation, and it's certainly worthy of some chatter.

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