Thursday, April 23, 2009

Environmental Justice Activism.

It's a GREAT day to garden in North Texas, so I've been hitting my garden areas since before 8am, weeding, seeding, and getting some starts put into the ground. Typically, I garden for 30 minutes and come indoors for 10, garden for 30, come indoors for 10, but as the day goes on and my body becomes tired, I find myself gardening for 20, indoors for 20. If I encounter egregious personal injustices (like those which occur when one steps on a fire ant nest), I'm indoors for 30.

So, it was after my right foot stepped alongside the back fence to enable a fenceline weeding that I found Majora Carter giving a presentation at TED:

She's good, isn't she?

There's more to share today and tomorrow (another great gardening day, weather-wise), but this break's already been too long.

Em helped me decide what to do with my potato "apartment house" today. Reminded me of why we've been friends for so many years: "He's a GREAT listener!" There are two potato starts that are going gang-busters in the black garbage can that I call the potato "apartment house". There are also two vacant circles in the yard ... one intended to be a 5th sweet-potato circle and the other intended to be horseradish (neither of which survived).

So, taking another break from the weeding/seeding, etc. today, I came indoors and plunked myself down in a chair next to him and said, "Help me figure out what I should do about my potato "apartment house". I have two wealthy tenants who are rising stars. Accommodating them, I leave all the other apartment house residents behind. I'd like to move them out to give the other tenants a chance, and (it just so happens) there are two vacancies uptown.

I've spared you the other options I presented to him because (as is usual when I talk to Em), I heard myself talking. He didn't even need to respond; he could have been asleep in the chair. <-- Well, I don't think that would have worked, but he certainly didn't need to open his mouth (which he didn't).

I need to wait a few days before implementing this move because the wind that's been making garden work so desirable today will be making garden work desirable tomorrow, as well. NOT good weather for garden "circles" lined with wet newspaper & covered with wood chips. WAY too windy for that (which I learned when I saw today's efforts at a 3rd sweet-potato circle blow away).

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