Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I've stopped washing my hair.

It started out with the dandruff problem that kept recurring and how I was so annoyed that I'd wash my hair with the dandruff shampoo and almost immediately my scalp would start to itch.  Following that, I read that to have healthy hair you should just stop doing things to it.  Then, I got tired of feeling guilty if I didn't wash my hair often enough and thought about how Europeans don't feel guilty when they don't shower as much as Americans, so why should I always be worried about stupid stuff like this?  THEN, I noticed how NOT washing my hair seemed to stop the itching.  I still worried about whether it would stink like dirty hair, though, but I asked Em to sniff my hair and he said it didn't smell like anything. 

So, I'm gonna see how long this will last.  It's not as though I have oily hair (Mine is dry), so my concern was really about whether it would stink, and I think that took me back to the days when I smoked.  Since I don't smoke anymore and haven't for about 8 years now, what might cause my hair
to stink?  I don't go to bars or other smoke-filled rooms (as though there are even bars where smoking is allowed these days).

My maternal grandmother had hair even longer than mine and she rarely washed it ... perhaps once/year.  I like having long hair, but I don't like washing it and I don't like having an itchy scalp.  Seems to me my grandmother had a solution to the problem. 

I'll keep you informed of any progress.


Issa @ LoveLiveGrow said...

I'm terribly behind on commenting on this post - I wonder how it's going? I haven't been much of a hair washer for years now. It annoyed me when I had dreads that I had to go back to shampooing more often, because making them squeaky clean helped the dreading process. Now that I'm back to brushable hair, I hardly ever shampoo.

Oldnovice said...

It's going well as far as experiments go. I went without washing it for a little over a month and then washed it with a mild, cheap (Suave) shampoo. I haven't washed it again yet, but do take care of the itch using the rubber shower brush whenever I feel the need. One key thing is to not scratch the head.