Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Books, Movies, Movies made from books, Fancy Desserts, Pimples and Pimple Medication.

Em, #1, and I are off to see The DaVinci Code at the local cinema today. Em saw it a week ago this past Monday, right after we'd returned from vacation, but I wasn't interested in a movie that day so suggested that if he REALLY enjoyed it I'd accompany him on his second viewing. He ALWAYS views enjoyable movies multiple times, enjoyed this one, and #1 is available and interested so we're all going together this catch the cheap matinee prices. Em read the book and told me about parts of it; I've been able to keep up with the controversy surrounding Dan Brown's conjecture through the internet. Most of the controversy revolves around: Em says that the movie explains everything as you go along, so I think #1 and I will be okay just walking into the theater with no particular background knowledge. Wanted to have a place to discuss movies, books, fancy desserts, pimples and pimple medication here, though, because Silly-O and #2 are reading and making fancy desserts and we never took the time to discuss the books read or how it came to be that a fancy dessert was made (Please lie and say you made that dessert after seeing how easily I baked things, #2). I have an interesting pimple sitting between my eyebrows like a target on my face, so I thought I'd bring my pimple into the thread just for the hell of it. Isn't every day that an almost 60-year-old woman gets a pimple let alone a pimple THERE, so *I* thought that was interesting. ALSO, I read about how pimple medicine (not sure if brand matters) does a REALLY good job of eliminating itch from mosquito and fire-ant bites... better than anti-itch cream because it tries to suck all the poison out. EW! LOL.


Oldnovice said...

I really enjoyed the movie; the albino assassin did a GREAT job, IMO. I can understand now why some in the church are going so far as to boycott future Tom Hanks movies. I enjoy the study of comparative religions and have read of Constantine and the debates at Nicaea. Muslims have read of Constantine and Nicaea, as well, and that's why they consider Jesus a prophet rather than the son of God. Trinities were popular in pagan religions, so Constantine pushed to unite the pagan thoughts with the popular new religion.

Interesting conjecture on Jesus being married to Mary Magdalene and reproducing, with the obvious implication that their fruit will be involved somehow in shaping the future of the world. Kindof led right in to our viewing of The 4400 between 11pm and 1am this morning because we were doing something else last Sunday.

Today's a major shopping day for us grocery-wise. Gonna buy more fruit than normal, judging by the lists I've made of sale items to purchase. #1 likes fruit, so it won't go to waste while we spend more time together in the next few weeks.

My pimple is doing well (Thanks for asking.) Haven't taken any medication to it or the plethora of mosquito bites which (although unattractive red bumps on the skin) don't seem to carry much itch.

Did you get to a movie yesterday, No. 2? If so, what did you see?

Anyone else care to make a book/movie/dessert/pimple report?

sileo011 said...

I haven't see the Davinci Code but #3 and I went and saw Over the Hedge. I would highly recommend it, I know it is supposed to be a kids movie but it was so funny. As for books I just finishe the Celestine Prophecies and the Tenth Insite. Both very good books I enjoyed the message that the author was putting out there.

Otherwise not much else to recommend but I am enjoying reading about the hot balloon trip it sounds like you quys are going to have great time.

I hope all is well with everyone!

Diane said...

book/movie/dessert/pimple report

Books, currently reading:

1. "Help Me Talk Right/How to Teach a Child to Say the "S" Sound in 15 Easy Lessons"

2. "Teach Me How to Say It Right/Helping Your Child with Articulation Problems"

3. "Making Plant Medicine"

4. "Civil Disobedience and Other Essays"

Plus browsing a few others.

Movies: We don't go to movies but maybe once a year for the kids, second-run matinee stuff. I'm a History/Science channel kind of gal. I do enjoy movies but refuse to pay admission for 7 only to have to miss most of the show helping with 20 bathroom runs. Maybe we'll get a DVD player once we're in the new house and start renting some on occasion again.

Dessert: We don't do desserts, either, other than once or twice a year for a big holiday meal. My favorite is cheesecake, though! Slurp!

Pimples: My #1 is currently doing the puberty thing but, so far, only the once-in-a-blue-moon minor eruption is seen.

DiVinci Code: Haven't read the book. Haven't seen the movie. Don't plan to do either anytime in the near future. It just never captured my interest, I guess.

Celestine Prophecies: Saw a show the other night about the disappearance of ... Oh, can't think of his name. Played in Iron Butterly, then went to work for the DoD or something similar, then became a technogeek. Anyway, they mentioned that book in the show and that was the first I'd heard of it. Something about vibrating to a "higher level". Of course, my mind went straight to the gutter...

No. 2 said...

book/movie/dessert/pimple report:

Books: Started reading Angels & Demons although somehow it made it to the trunk of my car and whenever I'm in reading mode, the trip to the trunk just seems too far.

Movies: Just saw "The Breakup" today. (Were supposed to see it yesterday, but ended up going to a bonfire instead. #3 would have loved it. There was some accoustic guitar playing going on.) Back to my point, the movie was cute. A nice romantic comedy. Just my style. And nice for a first "date" movie.

Dessert: Not much cooking going on here that goes beyond Ramen noodles and PB&J. Mom, I sure do miss your cooking! Would you ever think you'd live to hear me say THAT?!! :)

Pimple report: I am one of many pimples lately. For some reason my shoulders have been breaking out a little. Not sure what it's from, but my theory is its from wearing my hair down and not having sleeves. I really think my hair causes a lot of my pimples. My reasoning is that since conditioner is made to repair and seal hair it causes a "sealing" effect on skin clogging pores. Note to self: Keep hair up when shoulders are exposed and see if it gets better.

In other news, I washed some carpets today. I thought of you Diane! And can truly understand your switch to hardwood foors. What a work out!

Diane said...

Just sticking this in for your amusement:

Two days, 5 hours, 20 minutes and 7 seconds. 111 cigarettes not smoked, saving $8.89. Life saved: 9 hours, 15 minutes.

Feel my pain. Or laugh at it. Your choice. I'd choose the latter.

Oldnovice said...

Sucky, sucky, sucky...a LONG response got sucked into the cybernetwork, giving me NOTHING for half an hour's time spent.

Nutshell version: Silly-O: Offer your book reports so I can compare them to the reviews I've read.

No. 2: You only miss someone else cooking; got nothing to do with me.
P.S. Jello is your friend...lots of desserts to make from jello and it makes for thick nails.

Diane: Charlie or Duke, and how does the method work for eliminating the lithsp? Laughing 'cause I thought I'd save all kinds of money when I quit smoking. Must have added it in 4 or 5 times (in my mind), because I don't understand how I could afford things when I smoked that I can't afford NOW. :sigh: