Sunday, June 11, 2006

To Whom It May Concern.

The wedding uniting #1 and Mike scheduled for Cinco de Mayo, 2007 is OFF due to irreconcilable differences. Anyone want pie?


No. 2 said...

Yeah, I talked to #1 already. I think it is something that needs to be discussed before the eruption occurs, but that's just my belief.

Anyways, is that a pie that you baked yourself? or just a random picture?

Oldnovice said...

Prescreening (via discussion) every possible major turnoff is impossible just because the things that turn us off are the things we expect turn off most people (or something like that).

Random picture of a pie. "Who wants pie (icecream)?" is an internet shortcut for "Nothing else to say about this, really." It takes the edge off when tired of an argument.

How you doin', sweetie?

No. 2 said...

I'm doing ok. I actually had a lunch date with my love interest yesterday. There's talk of a movie on Wednesday, too. (sigh)

I worked all weekend and have to work tonight. There might be a conflict in my living situation as my roommate's sister is going to be moving in. 4 females in one house could become a problem, so I'm going to be looking for an alternative living situation.

Oldnovice said...

I'm doing ok. I actually had a lunch date with my love interest yesterday.

NO............!!!!! Does this mean I can stop worrying about you "taking up" with Jason and start worrying about you "taking up" with the Palestinian...or are you "into" someone else? LOL. I'm starting to realize why Lucky started using the Fred Sanford-like line of "I have one foot in the grave and you're trying to put the other foot in" now.

Yeah...4 females in one house could present a problem.

I've encouraged #1 to terminate her crappy job, and she's going to take some time (through the employee benefit program, apparently) to heal and spend some time with me. She LOOKS like she's standing up to everything okay, but I think we [and I'm not excluding myself from this]need to start exploring some different endomorphin-inducing activities besides lifting the beer to the lips and swallowing the anti-psychotics. Might make quitting smoking look like a walk in the park or might seem like nothing compared to that one. Dunno, but if we don't go there, we'll never know.

No. 2 said...

I won't be "taking up" with Jason, but wouldn't mind hanging out with him. As crazy as he can be, I always liked him as a person, if that makes any sense. And yes, I guess the one I am interested in is the Palastinian. He was born in Jerusalum, Israel, though, and I think his family is Muslim. Although, from our "date", I learned that his family doesn't celebrate Christmas, but he celebrates it with his friends. Not for the religious reason, but more in the spirit of giving. And I know we've talked about religion before and he pretty much had the same view as I did. (That we are open to the idea of a God and don't go against the idea, but don't really know what to believe and don't really follow any religion.)

As for the living situation, I'm pretty certain it will be a conflict and will begin my search tomorrow for a new residence although nothing will probably be executed for awhile. I'm going to try and find a cheap apartment for myself first and then check back with some girlfriends who were talking about renting a house.

Will keep you updated.

Oldnovice said...

Just wanted to add that my cousin the dentist is married to a Muslim from Lebanon who entertained his family from back there with the Christmas tree, etc. just because they wanted to experience it. We visited with them on our trip to San Francisco, BTW, and when I asked her if she "celebrated" Christmas, she said, "We celebrate the giving, but not the religious aspects."

General consensus in that household, IMO, was that organized religion should be eliminated.

Oldnovice said...

Sucky, sucky, sucky...a LONG response got sucked into the cybernetwork, giving me NOTHING for half an hour's time spent.

Nutshell version: Silly-O: Offer your book reports so I can compare them to the reviews I've read.

No. 2: You only miss someone else cooking; got nothing to do with me.
P.S. Jello is your friend...lots of desserts to make from jello and it makes for thick nails.

Diane: Charlie or Duke, and how does the method work for eliminating the lithsp? Laughing 'cause I thought I'd save all kinds of money when I quit smoking. Must have added it in 4 or 5 times (in my mind), because I don't understand how I could afford things when I smoked that I can't afford NOW. :sigh:

Oldnovice said...

PFFT!...added to the wrong thread!