Friday, June 23, 2006

Open Thread! Go crazy!

Hopefully, this will be a smaller version of #1 graduating. Posted by Picasa Couldn't seem to shrink the image using Photobuckets, so I'm now using Hello from Picasa. Think I mentioned how I was gonna take some time off what I normally do to help #1 heal...physically, mentally, and spiritually. She quit her job and we're working on relaxation, diet changes, and exercise. She's making some extra money this weekend helping a friend with a sale so I can report a bit on what we're doing. I've been a firm believer in the mind and body being ONE since maybe a teen, so we're concentrating on positive imagery for the mind while exercising the body and taking the diet into a more alkaline state. She's suffered for years with Interstitial Cystitis, so I've ordered two books written by Catherine M. Simone for her to read after they arrive. Simone has the same problem and has learned to cope with it. #1 needs to cope with it, too, IMO, so I think those books could help show her HOW. Today, Em and I will go to the library to borrow The Acid-Alkaline Diet by Christopher Vasey. We've spent this week looking at the Alkaline/Acid Theory, but didn't really try hard to incorporate it fully because we don't yet know enough to do that. If this doesn't work, we'll move on to something else, but I'm not ready to dismiss it without a trial of several weeks at least. Got half of the garden weeded and fertilized with #1's help this week. Planted a few more onions and more arugula. Did the walk to Walgreens and back, as well. #1 said that it was the longest walk she'd ever taken intentionally. What else...saw Jack Black in his latest on Monday. If offered the opportunity, skip it. It's definitely NOT his best work. Next week we'll do some swimming in the community pool, more gardening, more walking and work on the mind/body connection. What have y'all been doing lately?


No. 2 said...

I'm so proud! You walked to Walgreens without me!!! Hip hip hooray!!! Go Mom!

My latest doesn't entail much. Got really drunk on Wednesday night since it was my manager's last day in town before he went to Greece for a month. Spent most of Thursday recovering from Wednesday. I worked today (friday) during the day, and then went to a co-worker's party afterwards. Didn't stay there long and then came home. Tomorrow I work for my boss's friend promoting Lithuanian Liquor and beer in a supermarket. That's 4 hours of "Hi. Would you like to try Lithuanian Vodka today?" But it's $20 an hour, so well worth it. After that I work at the bar. Should be a really fun night since we have a band. It's also my one co-worker's last day (crying) and we're having a little going away party for her. Overall, there's a lot of alcohol and loud music in my immediate future. What better way to spend a summer, eh? :)

Oldnovice said...

I'm so proud! You walked to Walgreens without me!!! Hip hip hooray!!! Go Mom!

Heh. Yeah, but I still needed someone to walk WITH me. Got really invigorated between that and the gardening...felt really strong. Had planned on finishing up the weeding/fertilizing on the East side the next day, but bugs started nipping at my ankles as soon as I went outside. An old wive's tale mentions flies biting before a rain and I figured that was what was happening. Hasn't rained YET (although it's been in the forecast all week). Must be some kindof pressure system that fooled the bugs into thinking it was gonna rain that stirred up their "must bite NOW" response (or something like that). Heh. Anyway, I'm not gonna try gardening until either after it rains or when it becomes obvious that it isn't gonna rain. We have a 50% chance of rain today.

That means all that invigorating is gone and gonna have to wait. Just like every other time I've abruptly stopped the invigorating stuff, my body went into "ward off ill" mode and had me sleeping half the day and night for two days. First day I noticed a scratchy throat. Second day I noticed sniffles. Today's the 3rd day and I have no symptoms and don't feel tired anymore. could I after all that sleep?

Em got a call from Lone Star Park asking if he'd be willing to volunteer there again this year. Of course he would, so he started today. They had openings for a clerk or an usher. He likes the people contact, so he's an usher again. I GUESS when he's not ushering he just watches the horse races. Don't know where #1 is; she came home while I was sleeping yesterday, ate some of the dinner I'd made earlier and went back out again.

That supermarket wouldn't be Whole Foods, would it? Just doesn't sound like something Kroger or Jewel would do, IMO. Sounds like a part-time job *I* could handle, though. Too bad that at our age everyone wants us to work for free. I clean up pretty good, I think; might be able to get the older people interested in Lithuanian Vodka. LOL.

No. 2 said...

The supermarket was a Bobak's Market. More of a sausage place. And the location I was in was in Polish town. I had so many Lithuanians and Polish people there. Not one person approached me in English. Apparently I can pass for Polish or Lithuanian. And a lot of the people there couldn't speak English. It was a pretty tough day. Also, not too many people are up for drinking at 1 in the afternoon. :)

Last night at work went pretty good, though. Although almost all the surprises I had for my co-worker went bad. I was going to get the band to dedicate the song "Hot for Teacher" to her since she is going to be a full time teacher in the fall, but they didn't know the words. They had a list of songs I could pick from, but none really fit so I just had them mention a farewell to her. Then, I had Dairy Queen send over a decorated ice cream cake, but my boss put it in the cooler too long, and it was soup by the end of the day when he brought it out. Either way, she seemed to appreciate everything. I sure am going to miss her. She told me that I was her favorite to work with, too. That made me happy. :)

Oldnovice said...


Life can be such a comedy if we just go with the flow.

Thanks for the report, Sweetie!

Oldnovice said...

We did the Walgreens walk again today. It was SUPPOSED to be cooler, but you know how the meteorologists lie. Bought enough to get a good workout on both upper and lower body, IMO. Have two full bags now for the Mission and a bag on the porch for Leukemia (who are supposed to come sometime today).

Tomorrow is movie day; we're gonna see the new version of Omen. We'll do more gardening on Thursday and Em will do another two days at the race track on Thursday and Friday...maybe even Saturday and Sunday; not sure. He IS getting paid a little, BTW. $6.50/hour with a commitment of 20 hrs/week. It's the part-time job he said he wanted. :-)

Spent some time at the Mission's website and learned that I can ask for a Kroger Share Card. If it's scanned when I buy stuff at Kroger, Kroger will give a percentage of the money I spend to the mission. It's probably a negligible amount like when I spent $20.00 or so at Whole Foods and they donated something like $.35 to whatever it was I wanted to support that day, but every little bit helps, IMO.