Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Next Stop.

Spent nine days in Chicago over the Thanksgiving holidays, several of those days spent with good friends of mine who have a son who entered the Project Direct film competition. I'll be blogging about that trip in the days to come, but for now, I want to ensure that y'all see this short film before voting shuts down.

Their son's entry is:

If you like it, go to Project Direct, click on the VOTE tab and cast a YES vote for The Next Stop. The way you cast a (YES) vote is to click on the thumbs up icon for the film. Click on "next video" until you see the subway scene shown above.


jen.M said...

Hi Anita! Como estas?
I finally joined. Anyway, Im missing the point of this film? what does is mean? What is he brigning her? drugs?

Oldnovice said...

You kindof think it's drugs in the beginning, dontcha? Maybe I know this because both my mom and dad were cremated, but he's bringing her his dad's ashes. They box them up like that. I remember giving my dad's to my mom at his memorial service. She said, "This is heavy; what is it?" I said, "Dad."

Good to see you here, Sweetie. Missed you last Sunday night.