Friday, January 04, 2008

Armchair quarterbacking last night's election results.

We had a great time at Midcities Drinking Liberally last night watching the Iowa Caucus returns.

An informal poll was done of our group of 50. I think Hillary won. I know Obama didn't win, because Em and I both voted for Obama. We were thrilled, though, to see him win in Iowa. G O Bama!

As usual, we met several candidates running for lesser offices. We were impressed with the demeanor of Kalandra Wheeler, who is running for (I'm pretty sure) State Representative of District 92. We were disappointed to check upon our return home and find that we live in District 93. We'll be able to meet Tom Love (who would like to represent us in the US congress) next week at another function.

It's time to put on the political activist hat! It's been a LONG seven years.

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