Saturday, January 12, 2008

Catching Up to 2008

New year - new files, new systems - what does it all mean?
I'm not talking about life... I'm talking about the notes I have on my desk ... with the abbreviations ... that make absolutely NO sense today, although I'm sure they made a lot of sense on the day I wrote them (maybe). If it happened last year, I don't think I need to care about it anymore.
This has been "update refrigeration" month, so I've been concentrating on the cold stuff. I keep files of food in the house, but those files hadn't been updated in a while, No. 1 has needed to take stuff whenever, we'd already taken advantage of January sales, and I absolutely HATE data entry. Finished getting the cold inventory done today, though, including the data entry for it all.
Went door to door begging picnic coolers from my neighbors to work on it all and defrosted, repacked, and inventoried the garage freezer last week. We'd already ordered a new gasket for our refrigerator because it failed the dollar bill test, not to mention how there was mildew growing around the door edges. It was just hard to get someone to help me swap out the old one and install the new one what with so much football going on this time of year. No. 1 came this past week to pick up some things, visit for a while, and have Em take her car to get fixed, so I had what I needed [more hands!]. After getting the refrigerator freezer stuff packed into the coolers I'd borrowed while No. 1 was doing other things, I cleaned out and washed up the freezer and refrigerator door. ( Em keeps the rest of the frig looking great routinely, so there wasn't a need to take everything out of the frig.)
She did the best she could helping me try to get the new gasket to stick. The "unscrew" instructions were meaningless, because the gasket is outside of the screws. That was a GOOD thing, because we don't have a Phillips screwdriver small enough for those things, anyway! Em tried to help us when he returned from getting her car serviced, but three hands weren't any better than the two we had. So, No. 1 went home to get her roommate [a somewhat handy person] while Em called upon a neighbor [the type who could build a mall with Q-tips]. Hours later, 6 people got the new gasket to pretty much fit. It's STILL not 100% right, (as in the frig runs 60% of the time and the gasket is wobbly loose on one side of the door), but Em's brother will be here tomorrow to watch a football game and he's another person who could build a mall with Q-tips. I figure it'll take him about 30 seconds to do whatever it is handy people do to fix stuff in a flash.
With that said, I was updating the garage freezer inventory with one little thing we bought yesterday and looking through the list I couldn't find the stuff I'd bought January 1. It wasn't there because I hadn't done the data entry on it, and I didn't have any notes saying that I NEEDED to do the data entry on it, and I'm NOTHING without my notes, so I had to tear into my notes ... and now we've come full circle.

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