Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sleep is such a miracle healer.

Em's sick with his annual cold. While *I* get "a little bit sick" routinely, Em gets "majorly" sick once/year. It's that time.

He started getting sick last week, but flu/cold medicines kept it at bay for days. I caught the cold from him, but flu/cold medicines worked for me, too. Then, Monday night he went to bed and only woke up once during the day. I think he tried to get some coffee and have a cigarette outside, but the coffee went pretty much undrunk and I'm not sure about the cigarette. Then, he slept until 6am today when his back started complaining about sleeping so long. He got up, got dressed, made coffee (another cup undrunk) and MAYBE looked for the cigarettes which I hid while he was sleeping the day before. He went back to sleep on the couch and has been sleeping there the whole day except for when he sat up to eat some chicken soup and a tablespoon of honey laced with white pepper.

It's been hard to keep my noise level down to a purr. Had to do laundry yesterday because it was the last warm day of the week, maybe even the month and we had dirty clothes that needed to hang outside. Today, I'm staying at the other end of the house amusing myself with nonsense while jazz plays at his end of the house to cover little sounds I make.

Sleep is such a miracle healer. I slept like that when I got sick in January of 2005. Slept for DAYS. Em kept saying, "Since you haven't smoked for days, it's probably a good time to quit." Made me mad, because I wanted quitting to be MY idea, not HIS. Hope he feels the same way now.

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