Saturday, January 03, 2009

Uh-Oh. No. 1 and the Blue guy done got married early.

They still plan on May 29th doing it with the whole celebration aspect involved, but they did it at the courthouse yesterday.

Em and I were invited (Thank you both very much!), and they picked us up half an hour before starting time so I'd have time to "pick over" No. 1. Heh. I DID pick her over, like a chimpanzee.

Some of No. 1's friends were fixin' to meet up at the Courthouse, and some showed up in time for the ceremony while others were stuck in traffic and met up at our house.

Just like ours, the ceremony was short and sweet ... SERIOUSLY. We had the same judge, and she knows how to elicit tears and photo ops.


THAT was the idea of the judge!

This here was more the emotions of the pseudo-dad who'd gone through her teen years and came out the other end very proud of this young woman.


Jo and Ab were at the ceremony, as well. Jo with OC and Ab with LE-uh.


You can catch Ab with Le-uh here, as everyone came back here to play Boggle after the wedding. [Seems like there's a family tradition here that includes Boggle games following wedding ceremonies.] [Note to Self: Include Boggle Games in the May 29th reception plans]

We had a good time together (as usual).


They've got good friends, half of whom didn't have any idea that they were being married this past week.

It's pretty hard to pick out just a few pics to post after filling a digital camera with over 50 pics, so I looked back to see who I might have missed and OC wasn't there, so here he is:

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