Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Freezing Rain. Both yesterday AND today, but today is so bad that cars didn't drive by until almost 10am and neighbors took at least the morning off from work. The world outside looks like it's been varnished, shining brightly. We're hunkered in and grateful that we have all the food/drink we need.

Never got around to making the Apple Bacon Tomato soup the other day, so made it yesterday along with a few days' worth of dinner. Spent most of the day preparing dishes that all baked at the same time in the conventional oven.

In an unusual schedule aberrance, we'd grocery shopped Sunday morning. I had my lists ready for both Albertson's and Kroger to take advantage of an Albertson's 3-day sale just to learn that our Albertson's is shutting down and that none of the sale prices would be honored at this store. They'd done their best, but with Kroger half a block away and both Walmart and Super Target a short drive away, they simply couldn't compete here anymore. It was very sad. I told the produce department manager that I'd had no notice, and he said, "We didn't have much, either." On the short drive there, I'd remarked on how I found the Walmart television commercials very persuasive. One can both save money and lose weight by just shopping at Walmart. Meh. So, despite our best efforts to starve them out, it looks like Walmart 1 local stores 0.

My allergies seem to be getting worse. Every day I feel like there's something in my eyes and they itch ferociously. I'd blame something in the house, but I had the problem at West Wendover, as well. My generic benadryl equivalence minitabs don't seem to be working anymore. I've probably developed a tolerance from taking them so often. Cursing the thought, I might need to seek help from a medical doctor.


Anonymous said...

Hey you dirty, liberal, commie, you!

:: me poet waves ::

Stop by Uncle Bob's and say howdy. But wear body armor. And a gas mask.

Oldnovice said...

The stupid quotient at Uncle Bob's these days seems devouring, IMO, so as much as I enjoy YOUR take on it all, me poet, I don't see myself going back there anytime during the Obama Administration.

Anonymous said...

I hear ya. All the negativity is getting me down. I should probably spend my time working on my blog instead. It's pretty pathetic, lol. I just can't get the html right for the sidebar stuff. And I can't do pictures with this computer (mine is still in the shop). Such is life.

I'll just pop in here from time to time for a dose of sanity.

me poet

Oldnovice said...

If you need help with your HTML, I'm available to provide some examples. Toss me an Email and we can discuss it if you want.