Sunday, August 09, 2009

Giant sweet potato.


'twas on a lark that I chose to reach down and see what might be growing in the sweet potato bed I picked (of the 4 I have). Turned out to be the biggest of them all, as I reached down and grabbed into the other beds this morning.

Picked three others to "cure" while we vacation this month. First one didn't get an opportunity to "cure". I "candied" half of it and we ate half of that half for supper last night. I asked Em this morning if his request for "candied sweet potato" met his expectations and he said that his experience has been that the candied sweet potatoes had a thick syrup and tasted like ... duh ... candy. I chose this recipe and treated the one half of the humongous sweet potato as 2 lbs.

'twas VERY tasty in both our opinions (albeit not the candy Em had remembered).


Step 1 of "curing" is to leave them set out on the patio table getting the breeze below and above them. Step 2 will be to sit in our garage (where the AC doesn't hit) for 7-10 days.

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