Saturday, August 01, 2009

Bug family found in squash.

I felt like I'd found the lime in the coconut for some reason, as the tune kept running through my head replacing lime with bug and coconut with squash.

The canteloupe from the garden tend to have holes in the rind, and I expected (on the first few I cut) to find bugs inside that had bored through into the meat. Found NONE. The meat's always been perfect despite the imperfections in the rind. So, I was fairly surprised when I cut into an unknown squash volunteer yesterday to find a mom (adult) and children (which resembled mom only smaller). Have NO idea what they were, and didn't care. After chasing mom around the counter for a minute or two, I put the whole family into a pot of water with a squirt of dish soap along with the tainted slices of squash.


No. 1 and Daddy Smurf stopped in with some pineapple/mango fruit cups they'd gotten for a song that they didn't like. Em had already requested a Hawaiian chicken dish for supper, the day was sunny, and I got out the solar oven to cook some brown rice. This time, it came out PERFECT
and was SO good with chopped squash and bone-in chicken breasts marinated (and baked) with pineapple/mango fruit cups and the last of the homemade salsa.


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Diane said...

Oh, great. Now that song is going to be stuck in my head.

P.S. to the email I just sent: DE is good stuff. Works on a buttload of creepy crawlies. Have heard really good stuff about spinosad as well.

Random your-envirowackiness-is-contagious FYI: Shopping today. Suddenly dawned on me to buy, whenever possible, products in glass as opposed to plastic. Duh. I save & reuse so many empty containers and glass far outlasts the plastic crap. And plastic so annoys me that I often don't even bother saving a lot of it (or it's not worth saving).

Today's comment was brought to you by the letter B and a severe lack of sleep.