Friday, October 30, 2009

There will be no Halloween here this year. [sigh]

Halloween has been canceled here this year for the first time. I hate that this happened, but I've grown tired of some things.

I've grown tired of buying commercially packaged (in plastic) candies, which cost more every year as they shrink in size, sold in an additional plastic bag to hold the 15-20. I've grown tired of 100 kids coming into my neighborhood on one night/year to get the shrunk-in-size, commercially packaged (in plastic) candy. Only five kids (max) live on my block.

So, I thought to make cookies this year and package them in paper sleeves for trick/treaters. Then, I read that most mothers would throw them away for fear of poisoning, razor blades, or unicorn spittle as a recipe ingredient (They're ALL urban legends!)

I don't want to be the "Get off my lawn!" grinch, but I also don't want to waste 10 eggs making cookies that will get thrown away or support the industries that shrink their candy while increasing plastic packaging each year, or support kids from other neighborhoods taking advantage.

So, that's where it is on Halloween Eve, 2009. Em will be at work tomorrow night, and I'll retire to a room at the rear of the house to watch a movie or two. I, now, feel, officially like an old lady ... in my new loveseat recliner.

Be safe, trick-or-treaters.


Eco Yogini said...

sigh- i agree. i LOVE your idea of cookies and feel saddened that the urban myths and manufacturing of fear has taken over so many families.

Many Blessings to you on this Halloween, and at least you're not contributing to the plastic wrapped waste.

I support you :)

Diane said...

And this is why I love living in the boonies. This evening, we'll head to the town park where townspeople who wish to participate set up and hand out candy -- both store-bought, plastic-wrapped goop AND yummy homemade goodness. Halloween isn't halloween without a few handmade popcorn balls. And no one around here throws them away -- they're doubly appreciated.

No door-to-door, traffic-jammed street insanity, knocking on porch-lit doors & begging. Just wandering around the park, in the daylight, with others who wanted to be there, enjoying the (free) weenie roast put on by the fire department, silly games, and lots o' sugar.

Then home for homemade pizza!

(I'm still sewing costumes and candy bags this afternoon. LOL)