Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cloth Diapering might want to change its name to non-disposable diapering when it comes to pocket diapers.

No. 1's baby shower is coming up soon after I return from Thanksgiving in Illinois, so I finally got around to ordering some diapers that will be sent straight to the home of the person hosting the shower.

My personal opinion is that every mom (in the world) should be able to use disposable diapers until after the meconium stool with no environmental concerns because there's a fair amount of yuk involved with that one. Kudos to the moms in a position to just let that fall into the garden you're working in, but I don't think No. 1 will be in that position in February, even here in North Texas or even if she were the type to garden.

I got the "sampler" from Nicki's Diaper. Nicki is apparently a mom who decided to make a business of encouraging other moms to cloth diaper. I'll probably be ordering a few of the diapers Casey used (from the Canadians), but right now I needed to order something to have sent to the house where the baby shower will be held because I'll forget all about it while I'm in Illinois.

No. 1 knew I was going to do this; the only surprise might be the colors I chose. Looking at them again, though, I couldn't help but think again about how the entire pocket diaper thing is simply what some European countries have been doing since at least 1980. We are SO backwards as a nation on some things!


Erin aka Conscious Shopper said...

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Oldnovice said...

My contact information is right there at the top right of the blog, Erin.

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