Friday, November 20, 2009

Freezing Yams (from the store).

I recently posted about how to freeze sweet potatoes picked from the garden, but today I realized that even if you don't have a garden produce goes on sale seasonally and Thanksgiving in the US is one of those times for yams.

There's a difference between yams and sweet potatoes, and I'll let you discern the differences, but (to us) they both taste good.

The folks at Coupon Mom told me today that yams were on sale at Kroger for $.19/lb. "Holy majoly, we need some at that price!", I said and put it on the short list of things to get from Kroger when Em went to get his hair cut at a place new (to him) next to Kroger. The newspaper ad had them more like $.33/lb, but that's still a bargain if you can use them.

From eight yams (total cost $1.92):

Boiled and sliced the same way I do the sweet potatoes from the garden: Photobucket

Seven meals worth.


That's less than $.28/meal for us (family of only two).

AFTER I put the 7th in the freezer bag, I realized that this would be good for tonight's dinner with fresh broccoli and frozen tilapia. The bag will be washed and reused.

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Diane said...

That reminds me: I linked your summer squash freezing posts over at GardenWeb a while back. Think I forgot to mention it.