Saturday, February 25, 2006

Help brainstorm my recipe filing scheme.

Think HUNDREDS of recipes all over the kitchen table with an accordion file waiting to accept the 8-1/2 x 11 offerings. What might be the best method of organization? Here are a few thoughts: RECIPE FILE Category: Purpose Appetizer Breakfast Brunch Dessert Dinner Lunch Snack Category: Product Beef Casserole (implying mix of products) Cheese Chicken Fish Fruit Grain Pork Vegetable Category: Method Baked Broiled Fried Grilled Raw Smoked Steamed I dunno. Whatcha think?


No. 2 said...

Can't you set up a database on your computer that can file by all three?

Th3Yungin said...

I'm with no.2 here (who does that one work for, anyway?)

It seems like the best bet would be by all 3 and, if you were dead set on doing it in paper, i would say that you should have it my meal, and then have card numbers and an index sorting them by the other criteria.....

Th3Yungin said...

no.2, you are the shit!

Diane said...

My method:

1. Quickly scribble down recipe in later-undecipherable abbreviated form.

2. Let it bounce around the house for a few months, being used as note paper for phone numbers, checkbook balancing, kids' artwork, and occasional coffee cup coaster.

3. Once sufficiently tattered and stained, you plop it in the front of the recipe box, so grateful that it survived its adventures, you couldn't care less about organization.

Chenoweths said...

I/Bruce have been slow/careful in signing in. I have not understood all of Thor’s jokes and do not know who everyone is.
Any database is a large undertaking. For recipes this might be the right platform.
I suspect Anita and I share the same concerns for healthy food. Mine of course have to be low cholesterol.

Oldnovice said...

"I suspect Anita and I share the same concerns for healthy food."

Remember that time I shared with you my homemade granola, your wife went out of town and you ate granola for every meal? Rumor had it that you developed a new relationship with the toilet. :-)

I cook EVERYTHING these days, just to see if I can. I also pay attention to the healthiness of each meal. My concentration varies. Sometimes I concentrate on foods high in omega-3's, sometimes heart-healthy, sometimes low in cholesterol, calories, carbs, etc. My theory is that EVERYTHING can be moderation, so if I made a comfort-food for dinner last night, we're likely to have something heart-healthy tonight. Works for us.

I'm unwilling to do the data entry that a computerized database would require. They're already printed and in the kitchen. I don't cook in my office. I see what you're saying, though, #3. If I file by meal with product a subcategory, I can create a database using only recipe titles (have to ensure they're unique) cross-referenced by heart-healthy, low-cholesterol, low-sugar, comfort-food, cooking style (i.e. creole), blah blah. That's a lot of work, but at least I can file the paper using meal product until I want to take the time to brush up my Access skills.

Bruce, you know everyone but Diane, and even *I* don't know Diane (except in the online sense). She's helping me get a backyard garden going this year, AND she and her husband are do-it-yourselfing an earth-berm house while raising 5 kids. I like her 'cause she's insane, too.

Also, Bruce, #3 doesn't care about typos, so you shouldn't either (referencing your Email to fix your posts). My mother's sister called him Thor all her life, and nobody else gets his jokes, either.

Th3Yungin said...

For shame! No one understands the simple pleasures of toilet humor stemming from no. 2's name?

Who does no. 2 work for?

At least no. 2 got it, right?

What is an earth-berm house?

Oldnovice said...

Oh...No. 2 and the shit; I get it now. Should I remind her how she was ALWAYS the one to go No. 2 in the bathtub (with her siblings in there with her?) "MAAAAAAAAAAAA! She did it again!" Fits right in with Bruce eating the healthy food, right?

Earth-berm house: The House that Sweat Built. I just watch from the sidelines and ask stupid questions.

No. 2 said...

I totally replied to this earlier, but it must not have posted.

And mom. Thanks for referencing my bowel movements the day that I sent out your weblog to my friends. Great job there. :)

And Tor, I got it. No. 2 from Austin Powers. Funny. Don't make me break out with the: First is the worst, 2nd is the best...

Diane said...

Nice to meet ya, Bruce. :-) I'm fairly harmless as far as lunatic rednecks go.

Earthberm home: Dig a giant hole in the ground and throw all of your money in it. For that really special touch, toss in a bit of your own flesh.

p.s.--I really (re)strained myself on the No. 2 thing. I figured I needed to behave, being around civilized folks. ;-)

Oldnovice said...

"And mom. Thanks for referencing my bowel movements the day that I sent out your weblog to my friends. Great job there. :)"

and the same day that I broke the comment feature. I aim to please, sweetie; how am I doing so far? :-)

There was also that Gucci infant outfit that Bruce and Chris bought for you when you were born that never made it out of the house because every time I put it on you... But...okay...if you'd prefer that I didn't mention these things, I won't.

No. 2 said...

Somedays I wish I still had that outfit. JK.

You gotta be able to laugh at stuff like that. As long as they don't know that I still do that stuff...I long as they know I don't still do that stuff. :)

Th3Yungin said...

Hahaha, awesome! I totally am a nerd with a hairy chest...unless it was turd, in which case there are some other people who would agree with that one, as well...

I would also like to opt out of the embarrasing stories getting posted on the internet, especially since no.2 broke the rather innefective identity barrier.

Th3Yungin said...

How do you edit comments, post posting?

Oldnovice said...

I have 21 "sleeves" in that accordion file and can only conjure 18 categories. Any thoughts on the remaining 3? I don't typically make drinks and stuff like that. Prolly should include an "other", though to cover everything I've missed.

Baking (bread)
Baking (other)
Dinner Beef
Dinner Fowl
Dinner Fish
Dinner Pasta
Dinner Pork
Dinner Vegetarian protein
Sides (veggies)
Sides (fruits)
Sides (carbs)
Broths and sauces