Friday, February 17, 2006

Welcome to "Who Knew?"

Hi! I'm Anita. Welcome to "Who knew?" I chose this name for the blog because it seems like everyday I'm learning something new about life. Who knew it would be this way? Did YOU? I'm ALSO hoping that my three kids (as well as others) will choose to spend a little time here. For purposes of confidentiality and internet security, I'm suggesting that my three kids log in as #1, #2, and #3. I'll also give them privileges on the site. So, HELLO, and who knew ...


Diane said...

I get to be your first comment! :-D

Oldnovice said...

Show-off! :-)

No. 2 said...

HI! I'm here! I feel like part of a Dr. Suess book being No. 2.

I am No. 2
Who also never knew
The strange things that we do
To mystify on you.

Okay, gotta go for now,
but, ah yes, I shall return...

Oldnovice said...

Good to see you, no. 2! I just sent out the invites to be part of the team.

Moving slower than dog do on this blog I am
Must be from those green eggs and ham

Th3Yungin said...

Have you not yet heard?
Oh my, a wonderous word!
invitation has ensured,
The joining of a third!

So, I put a 3 in the name, does that count?

It even has 'leetspeek!' :/

No. 2 said...

Maybe lost in the mail,
but my invite did fail
to ensure me a spot
where I publish a lot
as your dear No. 2,
What on Earth do I do?

Oldnovice said...

No. 2 has been having problems with the invitation. We're trying something different today, but if that doesn't work, we may need Th3Yungin or Mike to consult.

First week or three always has a lot of growing pains.

Th3Yungin said...

Now, is she not getting the invite at all? That would be pretty wierd.

But 2 is posting, so how would the halted email hinder her haunting this homepage?

Oldnovice said...

She's been unable to accept the invitation to join the team of people with privileges; she's (obviously) had no problem just signing up for a blogger account.

I think it's because she's been logged in to Blogger when she tried to accept the invitation. There's a known problem with that. I've sent her instructions; she just needs to find spare time to make it so.

Mike can help No. 1 get a Blogger account; I gave him her privileges.