Saturday, February 02, 2008

Color us healthier.

Em's feeling better this week, his cough is down to infrequent inconveniences, and he's STILL not smoking. He put that not smoking thing to a pretty good test Wednesday, as we drove to Winstar for the day. If you've ever smoked, you're aware of "triggers" associated with the habit. One of Em's triggers was driving. He drove there and back with no problem with that trigger. He ALSO sat in a smoke-filled casino next to people smoking and didn't bum a cig. I don't think either of us is calling him a non-smoker YET, but he's doing awfully good, IMO, and I think this could be the end of it for him, just like my being sick for almost two weeks was the end of it for me three years ago.

Time to tear through some cleaning chores this weekend. Not what I might have wanted to do while North Texas is experiencing wonderful weather for this season, but something I want to get done before we host a Super Tuesday party next week for Move On Org. This office of mine has been pitiful for way too long and it's pretty much because I had intended on doing data entry for thousands of recipes I'd collected during the years when I didn't know how to cook. I HATE data entry, so those recipes sat around waiting and waiting and waiting for me to enter them into a database I'd created for them until I learned how to cook without recipes (which is pretty cool in itself). So, today I started office cleanup and the recipes went into an accordion folder willy-nilly, as their only purpose in life right now is printer paper (on the other side of the recipe).

Should be able to finish up most of my chores tomorrow while Em does Super Bowl Sunday somewhere else. I think all those years in IT created a deadline-oriented woman.

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