Thursday, February 07, 2008

PC failures and priorities.

My PC failed this week. It failed badly enough that I had to call support. Roommate of No. 1 came over and spent an hour or two three days in a row doing what it seems I've forgotten (or never knew) how to do. He bought a new hard drive for me, but hasn't installed it yet. I need to document the software I use so he knows what to reinstall once he switches me over AND what he did yesterday to reinstall my video card driver fixed everything (for now)... and those are two key words.

Things I learned this week include:

1. No. 1's roommate could be making pretty big bucks doin' what he knows how to do in addition to or in lieu of his day job.

2. My PC is a big, big part of my life and I need to change that to provide more balance.

3. Hate to print stuff (just can't see wasting the paper or the ink), but I'm a list-oriented person, so all my lists are on the PC (with no backup). I need to suck it up, print some lists and start taking routine backups of my system of lists. D'OH!

4. Our area is unsupported by the Geek Squad. The phone book telephone numbers are ALL out of service. This brings me back to the FIRST thing I learned this week.

Got to go to update and start printing lists, burn backup CDs, etc.


Diane said...

Sorry about the computer going boom but glad Em's feeling better!

I'm still "behind" on internet stuff but I don't worry about it too much. Priorities are a good thing. Usually.

Oldnovice said...

I'm still trying to "catch up". I got some other things done, though.

I'm glad Em's feeling better, as well, because if he can help me out in OTHER areas I can get done more quickly what I need to do in the PC failure area.

Gardening priority got displaced by getting the PC fixed and pushed off a bit more by Em having a birthday on the 13th, Valentine's Day, and a few other things. It's REALLY cool to have us both healthy again, though. Majorly cool!