Sunday, February 24, 2008

Post for #3. It's ALL for you today, son!

Valentine's day was a yo-yo!

NPR: Interviews Michael Specter: Count Carbon Along With Calories.

If that audio tickled your fancy, move on to Michael's article here.

How to Behave on an Internet Forum

Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early

Feel free to add more when you have time.


No. 2 said...

The yo-yo was my bad. But I haven't heard from No.3 in awhile anyways. I've been meaning to drop the yo-yo by dad's for him, but I have hardly made it over there even for my laundry.

No. 3 owes me a little something, too, so hopefully we can meet up soon.

Not much new here. I tried voting, too, and Dad had assured me I was registered, but I wasn't. (I know, I know, I should have checked your link.)

Got midterms next week and have been taking extra shifts at work.

Also, had a bridal shower this past Sunday for one of the JZs. (Not my roommate.) Diva and I are bridesmaids for that in April.

Today I'm cleaning house, writing a paper, doing some homework, then I have another class tonight.

Talk to you soon!

Oldnovice said...

Good to hear from you, No. 2.

There's still time to get registered to vote in the General Election (November). Your address should be that where you live now, and you'll get your new voter's card in the mail.

Let No. 3 come to you for the yo-yo and watch the DVD together.

We haven't voted yet, ourselves. Thought about doing it today, printed out a sample ballot so there'd be no surprises and realized that I know NOTHING about who's running for sheriff, county tax assessor, etc. Hopefully, I'll be up to speed by tomorrow, because I want to get this done in EARLY voting (which ends here after tomorrow). Then, we go again to vote in the caucus next Tuesday evening.

Is tattoo girl the JZ, and would she be marrying the motorcyclist?

Love you, Sweetie, and don't mention to No. 1 how y'all got something for Valentine's Day [because I didn't give her anything]. :-)

No. 2 said...

Ha ha. JZ would be the tattoo girl and she is marrying the motorcyclist. They both came up to visit me at the bar on Saturday night, too.

I sent No 1 something for Vday, also. She got the same package as you, but from what I hear she already gave it away to someone else.

Well, I already talked to you today, so not much else to say. Gotta get some homework going...