Saturday, December 05, 2009

Hard Frost in North Texas last night.

I COULD have and probably SHOULD have thrown some row covers over parts of the garden, but I didn't. I guess I felt it hard to believe that a hard freeze would already come this early. Of course, that's all the freezing for the week, but the damage was done to plants like basil and tomatoes. Lettuce, kale, broccoli, onions are still fine. Didn't even bother checking the sweet potatoes because they've looked pretty damn sad ever since I pulled out those elephant-man-heads.

I left some tomatoes to finish ripening while I went to Illinois and came home to hear that they rotted while I was gone, so I may not bother trying to get these to ripen before trying out some Fried Green Tomato recipes.


I'm trying to limit our meat/fish/fowl portions to 4 oz while loading up on fruits and veggies. More than half of what look like spuds in this photo are really baked apple chunks. Sneaky, eh? :-)


Of course, that means that instead of eating half a package of store-bought veggies we eat a whole package, but it's a start.

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