Sunday, December 20, 2009

Not baking holiday sweets this year.

While not Christian, I've always enjoyed the taste of the Christmas cookies my mom cooked when I was a child. Sometimes I even threaten to bake them, package them and send them to others who appreciate them. I'm not even threatening this year. I like to eat them, but I don't need the calories.

I never really did like making them (unless, of course, all my children helped while we listened to Norwegian Christmas songs); I only liked eating them. This year, I'm taking my extra pounds seriously and cutting off the sweets BEFORE they make the situation worse.

Em isn't being offered a vote in this matter. He's still waiting for a sweet potato pie and I don't think we need that, either. Tough love on the fatness this year, because we need it.

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Diane said...

No worries. I bake enough for 20 people. :-p