Thursday, January 07, 2010

Baby Shower here on the 16th, but no babies allowed.

How hypocritical is THAT?

The woman originally slotted to have the baby shower for No. 1 got the flu right before the shower, so that was canceled. Turns out that she also lives 2 hours drive away from all the other people coming to the shower, so I volunteered my house for the event. She didn't take me up on that offer. I think she got pissed off, actually, as she still hasn't responded to the shower invitation being hosted by another friend who lives in a small apartment and agreed to host the shower here.

Several people (including ME) had gifts sent to the address of the first shower and the status of those gifts is unclear.

Today, I noticed that one of the attendees said that if she can't find a sitter she'll be bringing her THREE kids. Um ... I hadn't anticipated KIDS and don't have a childproofed house where kids could roam unattended while I serve appetizers and mini cream puffs to the moms. AND, we're picky people! We insist guests take their shoes off before walking past the foyer. We insist that smokers smoke outside and don't try and sneak out and in in your stocking feet because the whole point of not wearing shoes indoors is to not drag in the outside stuff.

So, I'm frustrated today ... not JUST because of this, of course. I'm ALSO frustrated because we've been feeling crummy for the past week. Em's got the cough that won't go away and our energy-level has reached ZIP most days. I also don't have enough chairs for all the people, don't want people eating on the new couch and loveseat, don't know how to diplomatically suggest that kids aren't welcome ... at a party to welcome a new kid.

Might be time for a nap.


Diane said...

tianI just about had a nervous breakdown when we walked in and saw everything was white and perfect. You should have heard my pre-Anita's house mothering the next day: Do NOT drop a molecule. Take OFF your shoes. Make sure your socks are freaking SPOTLESS. Don't you DARE get a bloody nose. And, for Pete's sake, please just try to levitate.

Oldnovice said...


Your family was INVITED, Diane, with full knowledge that there would be multi-kids along with 4 of us to make sure the kids didn't start smashing anything in a moment of boredom. Your kids also were PERFECT examples of well-behaved (BOTH days).

Though white, our old couch/loveseats were VINYL. That's like having those plastic slipcovers (including having them stick to the back of our legs in the hot weather) that we so hated at the houses of the perfect people growing up.

That set got really cracked up (and downright uncomfortable under our legs) after 15 years of serving us. I got as far as buying the stuff to repair them, but realized the job was outside my expertise level and found a group willing to take them so we could usher in our new ones (which are fabric).

We never did allow eating (as a for instance) all over the house. Em doesn't allow eating in his car, either. WE'RE way too clumsy for that.

But, this situation is WAY different from having you and your kids visit us. There are numerous women invited who have 3+ kids EACH. I can't just turn a movie on and expect them to sit for 2 hours unsupervised in another room without fights breaking out and things getting broken. I'm not talking babies; I'm talking KIDS. It's just who we are when we're KIDS. If I can't accept ALL the kids involved (think 30!), I can't accept ANY.

Diane said...

Youch, I didn't realize there would be that many. Even I, of the perpetually dirty house, would be nervous. I'm not sure what to do other than telling 'em all straight up. They're bound to understand.