Monday, January 18, 2010

No. 1 had her baby shower over the weekend.

Her mom-in-law made a double-layer sheet cake in the theme chosen.


Primary colors:


That diaper "cake" was made by the host's mom-in-law.


She REALLY got a haul!


Games were played, food was eaten, friends who hadn't seen each other in a while chatted for hours. The host did a wonderful job and everyone left at the end cleaned up my house, put food away, etc. Another great bunch.

Tired, folks plopped on the couch. No. 1 is the huge frog-like creature.

Photobucket Almost forgot to include pics of what Diane made. Here's the ribbon blankey and sensory block. Those of you who sew, cook, garden or are crafty will enjoy joining Modern Roots. They're currently having a nice giveaway as indicated on the sidebar.


Diane said...

Wow, what a pile of loot!

So how many kids showed up? And I see you mentioned the "host" -- does that mean it wasn't at your place after all? It doesn't look like your house but maybe the new furniture is throwing me.

Oldnovice said...

No children came.

It was at my place; the girl hosting it lives in a small apartment.

We borrowed a bunch of card tables and chairs, (so that made the house look different) but people decided they'd rather sit on the floor in the living room. New couch and love seat in there.