Tuesday, January 05, 2010

It's tough to not use it when you have it right there!

I'm talking about water ... HOT water.

It's winter (even in North Texas) and believe it or not indoor temps of 72 have us wearing sweaters over sweatshirts. It's an interesting phenomenon to observe and I remember when we first moved here from Chicago (some 15 years ago). We were both smokers then and we'd go outside to smoke at work wearing no coats or anything and the temp felt comfortable to us while the Texans were shivering and complaining about the cold.

I bought the switches for the showers so I could turn the water off in the shower while I soap up, and I use them. Thing is: sometimes after soaping up and turning the water back on the water is cooler than it was when I turned it off. It FEELS downright COLD, so I tend to finish my hairwash/shower without turning the water off again.

Fortunately (for the world) I don't shower/hairwash every day. In fact, I feel less guilty for NOT showering more often now. Let there be human stink in the world!

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