Friday, January 08, 2010

Pie from sweet potatoes frozen in paper lunch bags.

You might remember my experiments with freezing squash in brown paper lunch bags. Yesterday, Em found a bag in the kitchen freezer that said, "Sweet Potatoes for Pie - 10/09/09" and took it out to defrost. He was ready for his sweet potato pie.

Neither of us feel well yet after he caught the cold/cough in Northern Nevada at the end of last month and shared it with me, but he went to the store and bought two frozen pie shells and was determined to make this pie. That was yesterday. He asked me to find him a recipe for it and I had that ready this morning right out in the open for him to read along with a stick of butter and the bag of sweet potatoes that we'd put in the frig overnight, but he fell asleep instead. So, I asked if he'd like ME to make the pie for him and he said, "I'd LOVE for you to make the pie; I only seem to have enough steam to walk to the couch and lie down."

My plan was to begin a tradition of Frugal Friday meals starting with some tuna/quinoa patties mentioned at What's Cooking?, so I went outside and scrounged up an onion or two and some cilantro for that one. After I made the pie, though, *I* only had enough steam to walk to the couch, so we're having frozen pizza tonight and Frugal Friday will be tomorrow night. That explanation was to explain why the ingredient photo for the pie includes onions and cilantro.

The equivalent of two sweet potatoes were put in 3 layers of brown paper bag. After defrosting, I was able to save all 3 bags; they weren't wet at all! Of course, I had to scoop them out of Em's hands before he threw them away.


The batter still had some lumps because I hadn't fully cooked through the sweet potatoes as indicated in the recipe I sorta used (with changes based on reviews). They were simply the sweet potatoes "processed" and then defrosted.


We both helped lick the bowl from the batter and we're gonna LOVE it.


Diane said...

While I don't care for sweet potatoes unless they're raw, it's PIE. Man, I've been craving pie lately.

Oldnovice said...

This didn't taste like pie once baked. Sure as hell didn't taste like sweet potato pie. I lunged into it right after supper last night and I told Em, "You're NOT gonna like this."

Not sure if it wasn't sweet enough (I did substitute 1/2c white sugar for brown sugar because we were very low on the white stuff) or if using unsalted butter made a difference or if not boiling the sweet potatoes to total softness and using them immediately ... but something was definitely missing.

Em's response this morning to it was, "It didn't taste like sweet potato pie; didn't even taste like sweet potatoes."

Good thing is: We're trying to cut back on sweets, so really didn't NEED pie, and it was better to make the pie and decide we didn't like it than to not make the pie and feel denied of it.

Making the quinoa now for tonight's experiment in eating.