Thursday, June 18, 2009

Garden Update.

Mentioned a while ago that I've been picking green beans since maybe middle-end of May, having planted some Top Crop Bush Beans that Diane sent me in 2004 along the west fence mixed with the strawberries in the back, now mixed with a bunch of heirloom tomatoes, herbs, etc.


I planted two sequences of these green beans in the same area so I could reap the rewards for an extended period. The second sequence hasn't yet fruited I don't think, and I'm about to plant a third sequence elsewhere of a different green bean variety (AGAIN using 2004 seeds from Diane).

We had severe storms a week or so ago that resulted in the same fence section of our neighbor's fence that got replaced LAST year when storms sucked it out of the ground being pulled up and crashing onto my rhubarb plants. Em and I picked it up LAST Thursday and while I ran to get our recycling to the curb as we heard the trucks coming, he set the fence on the neighbor's side so that if it fell again it would fall on HIS yard ... which it did.


Planted hybrid tomatoes and hybrid green peppers in the garden area behind our bedroom windows, but we'd used that plot as our 2008 compost and the volunteers rose up demanding space this year. There are acorn squash, blue hubbard squash, onions, and others that I haven't yet identified.

Same thing's going on in what we're using THIS year for our compost after planting hybrid tomatoes and hybrid green peppers (1st of which were picked today).



Those are two cantelope volunteers which could be ready to pick in maybe a week.

First day of the season in which I decided to do some solar cooking this year, and I failed MISERABLY in providing Em something to eat before he left for work.


I suggested he get takeout before work as I slunk down with my tail between my legs after realizing that I had nothing that could even cook inside with the time remaining before he left. Who knew clouds would congregate over my house as though in a fundamentalist gathering?

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