Monday, June 29, 2009

Mail ordering gummy vitamins during a heat wave.

Do I even need to add "Bad Idea"?

I Emailed Lucky Vitamin to see whether or not I'd kill my husband if I sliced the gummy vitamins that had melted on one side of the bottle either during delivery or during the Texas heat of this month waiting for me to notice their arrival on the front porch.

They told me: "Yes, this sometimes does happen during the summer months. We always suggest refrigerating the vitamins for sometime, then they will be fine to consume. Product like this is temperature stable, not like a fish oil or probiotic, so you should be fine. Thank you for shopping at Lucky You, Customer Support1-888-635-0474."

So, I tried to slice the glob in half. I was even successful in that.

Slicing the two halves into 30 pieces each, however, was LESS successful, as the glob was just as viscous as it could be and even the sharpest knives stuck to it.

It's currently in the freezer awaiting my next move.


Diane said...

Okay, maybe it's just the lack of sleep but that has to be one of the funniest things I've ever read!

Casey said...

I never realized gummis could melt like that. Ick.

Oldnovice said...

Day 2: Accidentally chipped off almost enough for 1 vitamin trying to cut the halves in half. Got ONE half done ... sorta. Thinking that Em can maybe just chew his way to health by biting off one piece each day.

I take the big horse "senior" vitamins, but Em has swallowing issues. IMO, he's looked better than ever before since taking the adult gummy vitamins (with lycopene), so I ordered more when the first were gone.

[whispering]: got some testosterone tablets this time, too. Will grind them and sprinkle in his food.