Monday, July 20, 2009


I've been afflicted with the stuff since I've been an adult, which adds up to over 40 years. Commercials for the dandruff shampoos talk about how flakes from your scalp fall onto the black shirts you wear. I don't usually suffer so much from the flakes on my clothing. I suffer more from the sores and itch.

So, after 40+ years of "controlling" with dandruff shampoo, I'm trying for the Full Monty. Today is the 3rd day that I've engaged in what some have claimed will get rid of my dandruff. This means I started last week, because the "cure" is dependent on a twice/week "treatment".

So far, my opinion is: "Meh".

If anyone's Interested


mcgee said...

I used vinegar on my scalp for sunburn when I was a teenager (burned where my hair was parted). It did make it itch less.

BTW, your salsa pictures made me hungry, lol.

Oldnovice said...

I went with the "half vinegar, half hydrogen peroxide" mix, and three weeks in, I'm getting pleased with the results I once mocked.

Anonymous said...

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