Sunday, July 19, 2009

Trout with garden vegetables.


Recipes: 1) Trout. Color me a dumbass for not noticing that the recipe called for 2-3 trout which I read as "feeds 2-3 people". So, I had ONE trout, filleted into two parts and used an entire tomato, all the seasonings, etc. D'OH! I was going to include something here on how tomato, onion, seasonings could have been quartered. We liked it, though, a whole lot more than we liked that tuna fish salad recipe that all those people from Allrecipes liked. We ate that one, but missed the crunch of celery and hard-boiled eggs and thought there was too much pickle relish. So, it's back to the family recipe on THAT one for next time.

THIS one, though, blended right in with the garden veggie dish (not to mention using tons of tomatoes which are sitting all over my counter right now not beautiful enough to offer the neighbors but not awful enough to compost).

2) Summer Squash to which (of course) I added turnip, because we had a big turnip starting to get soft on the counter.

Mixed all together, eventually, the overspiced fish complemented the underspiced vegetable dish really well. TIP: If a recipe says "peel the tomato", peel the tomato.

I have two more good-sized summer squashes already picked, but I think we're tired of eating them, and I expect the squash borers to put those two plants out of service real soon, so I'm gonna chop and freeze the last two so we can enjoy them later. I'll probably do something with these tomatoes, too. Not sure what yet, though.

Tonight's supper is grilled ribeye with a few biscuits and a garden salad of tomatoes & greens.

This afternoon, though, I think I'll make Krusteaz Lemon Bars. I'll cut four bars for tonight and freeze the rest. If I don't do that, Em will eat them for breakfast every day until they're gone. I'm not opposed to desserts, but try and limit them to once/month or so.

Em's turn to cook starts tomorrow, so I'm saved from turning this into a cooking blog.

UPDATE: The Krusteaz Lemon Bars are done and reminiscent of some we got at a stop at a little cafe near the Berkeley campus in 2007, which was our hope.


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