Monday, March 06, 2006

FYI:New links added to bottom of blog.

Gotta get movin' right quick as we're off to see a movie followed by more diggin' in the dirt, followed by sleep, followed by a trip to Louisiana for a few days, but I wanted folks to notice that I'm pimping both the Seven Trees blog AND Diane's House That Sweat Built. They're VERY different, but BOTH good. Adieu until Thursday. The second generation now has control of the blog.


No. 2 said...

It's scary that I have to read about my mom's life in a weblog.

I can't really even remember the last time I got her on the phone, but I'm pretty sure it was a holiday!

Diane said...

You have a life?? You're not allowed to have a life! Now what the heck am I supposed to read when I can't sleep? I pay you good money to keep me entertained, for cryin' out loud!

/short meaningless outburst

Diane said...

Oh, yeah. Have fun in LA!

Second generation--isn't that the one with the bald dude? What's his name--the Captain Kirk fella, only balder, older, and with an accent... He gets assimilated into the blog or bolg or borg. Yeah, borg, not blog.

(No pimping required on my account. I don't do fame and fortune. Okay, I'll do fortune.)

May the Force be with you. Or beam me up, Scottie. Or Nanu-nanu. Or is it nanoo-nanoo? Or maybe I should just retry the sleep thing.

JZ1 said...

I assume that no.2 means the second child, as in Birg. It doesn't matter though, I've met all (3) so I'm good. I was told by a little birdie that you were looking for me to show up, so I am happy to oblige.
Also, Birg has NO room to talk about not being able to get people on the phone, the only way to talk to her is to have a drink!! Love you though Birg. Birg's mom, hope all is well, look forward to participating!

Oldnovice said...

We're back; had an AWESOME time gaming for a few days. Last night Em looked at me and said, "That was a FUN two days!" I smiled and said, "I know!" We're trying to make it a habit to go over to Louisiana once/month. This was our SECOND month. Sometimes we pick up some cajun sausage, but we didn't need more yet. We stay at a cheap motel and eat at restaurants.

Came face-to-face with a Katrina- relocated this time. The motel is apparently housing some folks from Katrina and they've come to think of the motel as "home". Our room was next to a woman who stood outside her "home" watching us walk to the door of our room. She said, "I wondered who was comin' over here. You're travelers." Later that night, she knocked to ask if we knew anything about computers. Em opened the door a few inches to say, "no." There coulda been a big guy behind her who'd force his way into the room, so I suggested that he never open the door like that again, but there wasn't a big guy...just a woman who treats the motel like her neighborhood. I have NO IDEA how this is helping those folks.

Prolly should have said next generation instead of second, but our parents are all dead, so WE are the 1st generation and our kids are the second generation LIVING. Heh.

Jean Luke Piccard...yes.

jz1: Are you the marketing Jen Z or the bartender Jen Z? It still amazes me that No. 2 has so many Jennifer friends and TWO Jennifer friends with last names that start with Z. Who knew there were even so many PEOPLE with last names that start with Z? Yeah...everything's well here. How's life with YOU?

Where's sixpack?

No. 2 said...

I believe this is jeweler/bartender/lives with sixpack Jen. Not Chicago Jen. Not marketing Jen. Hard to keep the up with the Jen's sometimes. Chicago Jen is also a bartender.

JZ1 said...

Good god. Yes it's me, retired bartender, current jeweler, lives with sixpack Jen. Well, that sounds interesting, I LIVE with sixpack with my boyfriend. Heehee, how devious. Really all very harmless.
Life goes on whether I'd like it to or not, times get tough and then they straighten themselves out somehow, sure wish I could figure that out sometimes. Just got to keep smiling, push thru the BS (not you Birg!) and try to find the good stuff!
LA sounds like a lot of fun, and a little enlightening with the Katrina victims and all, really gives you something to think about.
Talk again soon, I forgot how much fun this is!!

Oldnovice said...

Jeweler/bartender Jen is living with sixpack? I thought she was seeing a biker and he was else. [sigh] I can't keep up, it seems.

A weblog is a perfectly acceptable way to keep up with your mom's life, BTW. I spent the morning shopping; my butt's getting sore from shopping. I got that Idiot's Guide to Being a Cheapskate for $1.87 and then paid over $3.00 in shipping. [sigh]

Also got two books on Roadtripping, because it seems that Em doesn't want to go to Puerto Rico this month but would rather take a roadtrip to LV and the left coast (just about the time that my garden is producing).

ALMOST got a new Foreman grill to replace the one that #1 put in the dishwater last night, but decided that I should think about this one a while longer. Mike...could you tell her not to put electrical appliances in the dishwater? [I'm deferring these things to Mike, because HE'S gonna be the one dealing with what her momma never told her (apparently)].


Don't forget to invite Chicago Jen, #2. She might enjoy the aside.

Speaking of asides, I need to go play in the dirt again. We're digging up the SECOND 16 feet of the garden, and I need to water the FIRST 16 feet and play footsies with the dog. The first 16-20 feet already take TWO buckets of water/day;this method has you watering from a sun-warmed bucket of water and a cup.

Oldnovice said...

It just now sunk in; you're living with sixpack, but you're not LIVING with sixpack. Okay. Got it!

I figured that if we got near Chitown, I'd ask if WE could use that guestroom for a night, but I guess you got there first. There's an interesting-sounding hostel in downtown Chicago that I'm anxious to try, but public transportation costs have skyrocketed to the southern burbs, so I'd like to have a second crash site out south whilst I visit the southerners.

JZ1 said...

Yes, now you have it. I am living with Sixpack in his basement. My boyfriend (biker) LIVES down there with me. That's hysterical. No.2 has a lot of confusing J's to keep up with. I get confused myself and I am one!

No. 2 said...

I'd offer my residence, but it's not really couple friendly. We have one twin bed upstairs, and then a couch. I would be willing to give up my twin bed for the other one of you, but I'm not sure how you would feel about being in a separate room from Em.

Also, I don't really want to offer without first consulting the roommate. There are a few local hotels that are pretty price reasonable. We have a Kasha's Motel that is right near our hood that you might be able to crash at. I'd still be amazed if you made it back out to Chi-town! It has been a long time for you!

Oldnovice said...

"We have a Kasha's Motel that is right near our hood that you might be able to crash at. I'd still be amazed if you made it back out to Chi-town! It has been a long time for you!"

That place has FIVE stars; we wouldn't know what to do in a NICE place!

It HAS been a long time and that's part of the reason I've been thinking about it. Our friends up there are gettin' older and as bobbyg mentioned quite a while back, we should probably get together before we need to wear name tags. In addition, Chitown has experienced so many changes that we're convinced we wouldn't recognize it.

We're lookin' into a roadtrip to the left coast in May and I've ordered some road-trip books to help me plan. Those books include road trips to other parts of the US, so I'll raise a flag if it looks like we're planning to get near enough for us to spend a little quality time together.

Is that little pencil edit thingee new, #3?

Th3Yungin said...

What pencil edit thingey?

Oh, Chitown looks the same to me, except there are more ipass lanes, and the tolls keep going up. I wish that thing could be made illegal.

they charge more for no ipass people because they had to build 10 new lanes for the ipass people!!! Why not charge the ipass people for it?

that right, its because you can't track the people paying cash, and you cannot ticket them because the time it took them to get from one toll to the other is under what it would be if you didn't speed!!

Systematic surveillance, and extortion for those who don't go along with it.

Oh, and they added cameras all over the city. TX looks better every day. Too bad i hate dry heats...