Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Happy Birthday

du nu nu nu na nu "They say its your birthday!" du nu nu nu na nu "We're gonna have a good time!" That totally didn't turn out how i wanted it to... time to cheat! Happy Birthday Ing!


No. 2 said...

Happy Birthday # 1!

Don't worry ma, I tried calling Ingy yesterday, and left that song on her voicemail. :)

#1 said...

Thank you everyone for the song; I was estatick. It had to be the best moment of my entire life. Slight sarcasome.

I love you all and will try to post more often for your benefit not mine.

No. 2 said...

Oh yeah. I mailed your card on your birthday, so it'll be a little late (as usual).

Diane said...

Um, happy birthday (kinda late...)!