Sunday, March 19, 2006

Saturday night

I had a really fun time at the bar on Saturday. I thought it would be dead while people recovered from their Friday night hangovers, but we had a pretty good crowd. There was a lot of people I graduated high school with there, including Jenny and Jenny!!! It's always fun to be the one responsible for your friend's drunkiness. I was so happy they came to visit me. Thanks guys!!!! xoxo


Diane said...

Great. Now the Bay City Rollers are stuck in my head.

Th3Yungin said...

I was totally meaning to come out and visit saturday, but when the time rolled around, I forgot.

Glad ya had fun!

No. 2 said...

Yeah, I've learned with you that I need to make an appointment in order to spend time with you. :)

JZ1 said...

Yes, yes, yes and thank you for the hangover. Just kidding, I was fine. Usually it's me getting other people drunk, thank you for the welcome change.

And on a COMPLETELY different note, can anyone tell me what kind of days off you all get for a death in the family? Also, what is immediate family? Does it include grandparents? I am having some issues with some time off I had to take and I was wondering if my complaints are validated. I think that decency and natural empathy would be enought to make some decisions, but I am SO very mistaken.

sileo011 said...

So sorry to No. 2 for not showing up on Saturday to the bar. And hello to oldnovice nice to meet you. I wasn't posting anything because I haven't had anything to contribute. But I do always check in (and now I now how to post) so maybe you will see things from me.

For jz1 the last time I had to take off work for the death of a grandparent I got two days one for the funeral and one for the wake. Hope that helps

Oldnovice said...

Sorry to hear of your grandmother's death, jz1.

Welcome, silly-o!

Do friends tip better than strangers, No. 2? We went out to eat for lunch yesterday because it was time for an eye exam and #1's birthday is next week (also don't forget that Dana's birthday is Sunday), I needed to go to my bank, we had a two-for-price-of-one coupon for Spaghetti Warehouse and it just made sense to do all that in one trip to save gas. With a 20% tip on what the price would have been without the coupon, Em still spent only $10.00 on lunch. Why does Spaghetti Warehouse have a big stuffed giraffe in the rafters? Is there something Italian about giraffes? Just askin'.

Had some guys come on Monday to cut down a bush that had grown way beyond the ability of handy-impaired people to control and one of the guys tromped on my garden (while the ground was all mushy from the weather). :sob: The weather's still pretty cold and dreary, so I haven't tried to fix the damage yet. Actually, I'm not sure I know how to fix the damage beyond yelling at the huge holes: Puff up! Puff up! [sigh]

I didn't need new glasses. I was almost disappointed because I'd anticipated a new look. I went because a) it had been 2 years, and b) because I can't read the fine print on coupons and stuff without REALLY good light. Doc said my eyes looked healthy and seemed to be working well together with the computer prescription I have and that really fine reading would need good light. D'OH! He recommended I get a pair of drugstore readers at like a 350 magnification and just keep them with my coupons.

Still plodding along at a slow pace on the recipe data entry. At my current pace, I should have all the data entry done in 15 years. This should coincide with when the age-defying makeup shows results.